Casting A Shadow (Byakuya X Ichigo Fanfiction) by silver_lion17
Casting A Shadow (Byakuya X silver lion
The restoration of the Shiba clan has been agreed to, but with a cost. Officially recognized as a Shiba, Ichigo must become the head of the clan immediately and be court...
  • byakuya
  • rukia
  • kuchiki
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The Cherry And The Strawberry (Bleach Fanfic) by KristinaPerez2
The Cherry And The Strawberry ( iLoveSuoh💋
Cherī Zaraki is an average teenager.. At least that's what everybody else thinks of her. Cherī is actually a Soul Reaper. Her parents are Kisuke Urahara and Yoruichi Shi...
  • family
  • hitsugaya
  • kuchiki
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I Just Been Bleached (Bleach Fanfiction) by IllusiveVixen
I Just Been Bleached (Bleach オペラ座の意地の悪い女
I never believed in alternative universes, I figured it was just some crazy theory cooked-up by some loony scientist. I went from watching TV in my dorm room to being su...
  • bleach
  • guys
  • anime
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Descendent [cocky bullied reader x Blake Belladonna] by Kaneki-Sasaki
Descendent [cocky bullied reader Kaneki-Sasaki
Y/n Kurosaki was what you call 'chubby' and because if this he was bullied constantly in 5th grade by many people but what happens when his two best friends do the same...
  • ichigo
  • wattys2014fanfiction
  • intense
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━ ENDEARMENT ( byakuya kuchiki. ) by lilysbadlifechoices
━ ENDEARMENT ( byakuya kuchiki. )by lily - ♡
ENDEARMENT | SECOND PLACE IN BYAKUYA KUCHIKI - BLEACH WATTYS 2017 | ❝they said he had a cold heart, but all he needed was a few endearments and someone who could treat h...
  • romance
  • jushiroukitake
  • byakuya
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Bleach: Kingdoms and Princesses by LarsJensen8
Bleach: Kingdoms and Princessesby Scribe of Ormr
The war with the Quincy is finally over, and Ichigo again stands victorious. However, a new enemy stirs from within the depths of the Soul Society. A deep political con...
  • bleach
  • wattys2017
  • harribel
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Pride (IchiRuki Fanfiction) 💗 by AgressiveBiatch57
Pride (IchiRuki Fanfiction) 💗by SmartCreature
To all of us who think that Bleach should have ended differently. IchiRuki 4ever. #ichiruki❤️
  • bleach
  • kurosakiichigo
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Ichigo x Rukia by AJ_Peace
Ichigo x Rukiaby IchiRuki FTW
IchiRuki Fanfiction. One-Shots. Each chapter's a different story. ☆☆ (Disclaimer: I Do Not Own Bleach)
  • antiichihime
  • rukiakuchiki
  • kubo
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Bleach One Shots (Lemons) by Anime_FanGirl_15
Bleach One Shots (Lemons)by Hope Black
There will be Lemons. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
  • lemon
  • byakuya
  • kenryu
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Komamura Sajin x Reader by skylarmoon71
Komamura Sajin x Readerby skylarmoon71
Disclaimer: I don't own bleach sadly. All pics and characters go to their rightful owners. This story will follow some of the bleach plot line but not all. If you guys h...
  • xreader
  • bleach
  • mature
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( Bleach Fan Fiction ) The Forbidden Power by Orly_Yap_
( Bleach Fan Fiction ) The Orly_Yap_
everything was going fine until one day Akiara Tanaka found out that the ghosts ( hollows ) that she has been seeing were after her because of her immense spiritual pres...
  • hollows
  • society
  • byakuyakuchiki
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☽TSUKINOME☾ || ❣IchiRuki❣ by AthziryArias
☽TSUKINOME☾ || ❣IchiRuki❣by Akemi Yashiro
❝Conocerla fue un accidente, ayudarla fue mi error y amarla es mi dolor. Pero si ella es feliz, es suficiente para mí❞ Kurosaki Ichigo es un joven empresario, dueño de l...
  • negocios
  • lemmon
  • hardcore
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Ichigo x Rukia x Orihime by ClefLines
Ichigo x Rukia x Orihimeby ClefLines
Ichigo is so dense, he doesn't notice even Orihime's obvious feelings for him, but Rukia is determined to make him realise how much he means to her before Inoue does!
  • manga
  • rukia
  • fanfiction
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The Promise (Bleach: Gin x Rangiku) by jjs797
The Promise (Bleach: Gin x Rangiku)by judy
If you took her away from him, he would kill. If you took him away from her, she would die. This is the story of how Gin Ichimaru will do absolutely anything to protect...
  • sosuke
  • seireitei
  • anime
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Inoue's Bad Ending by HichiPotato
Inoue's Bad Endingby HichiPotato
Aizen had finally done it. He managed to break the one person Ichigo and his friends were all attempting to save on their way to Hueco Mundo: Orihime Inoue. ~Her are the...
  • rangiku
  • renji
  • orihime
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Somebody I Used To Know by Fantuhm
Somebody I Used To Knowby Fantuhm
After a shocking revelation from his father, Ichigo Kurosaki is thrown into the past (courtesy of Kisuke Urahara) to meet his past incarnation, Kaien Shiba. I do not own...
  • hollow
  • adventure
  • reincarnation
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Bleach rukia x male reader by sovietgod
Bleach rukia x male readerby Kindcalf
As the holder of a powerful Zanpakutō you are considered a half shinigami half human... what will you do?who will you save...who Will you kill
  • authormanproduct
  • malereaderinsert
  • rukia
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Ice Warriors In The Ice Village by HelenaSophiaSucgang
Ice Warriors In The Ice Villageby Helena Sophia Sucgang
In almost every Anime there's an ice user. How about if they are summoned to a world where all ice users once live ?? Can they get used to each other?? A/N I don't own a...
  • esdeath
  • crossover
  • horohoro
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Byakuya Older Brother by Sunshine131929
Byakuya Older Brotherby Sunshine131929
Daichi Kuchiki, Older brother to Byakuya Kuchiki has been away for a hundred years in Squad Zero and hasn't seen his younger brother since byakuya was a teenager. Daichi...
  • shunsui
  • soul
  • bleachfanfiction
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Mais uma vez.. - IchiRuki Fanfic by Nelly4693
Mais uma vez.. - IchiRuki Fanficby ∘✘∘Estudando∘✘∘
Ichigo se revoltou com a morte de seu pai e de suas irmãs, descontando assim a sua raiva na sua namorada, Rukia durante 1 ano.. com a depressão Rukia decide tomar um ter...
  • ichigo
  • shipp
  • rukia
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