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Into the Sweet Darkness - Aizen Sousuke Love Story by Midnight_Lilac
Into the Sweet Darkness - Aizen Midnight_Lilac
Power. That was what Aizen Sousuke wanted. The one word which was enough to make people swarm to it like delicate butterflies to a tempting burning flame. Aizen Sousuke...
  • zanpakuto
  • bleach
  • aizen
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My Anime Oneshots! CROSSOVERS by Hollow-Heart
My Anime Oneshots! CROSSOVERSby Kakashi’sFanfictions
Oi, love your Oneshots? Then welcome aboard this weird ship train! Choo Choo? Featuring: Bleach Attack on Titan Naruto Fruits Basket Yuri on Ice Tokyo Ghoul Guilty Crown...
  • attackontitan
  • sevendeadlysins
  • ichigo
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Heat haze days by Hex223
Heat haze daysby Hex223
It was a never ending cycle... I couldent save you. based off of the song by vocaloid
  • chappy
  • kagerou
  • ichigo
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Snow Tattoo by XxXJudeXxX
Snow Tattooby Jude Pagan
This Rukia x Male Reader one-shot was requested by @OldManZangetsu :D It's my first time writing with a male reader so I hope it's not to bad Enjoy :3
  • one-shot
  • rukia
  • rukiaxmalereader
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A loner's sorrows by Talcie
A loner's sorrowsby Talcie
A romanticism-inspired vision of Ichigo's thoughts after Winter War. What was in the mind of a lonely teen? How did the rebellious boy turned out to be? Will he live hap...
  • kurosaki
  • fanfiction
  • rukia
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Guardian Shinigami by SkyShadows
Guardian Shinigamiby SkyShadows
BLEACH FANFICTION Ichigo Kirosaki is dragged into the world of being a soul reaper, his mentor Rukia Kuchiki is teaching him the way of slaying hollows, keeping the wor...
  • hollow
  • soul
  • guardian
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Sin With a Grin - Bleach - An Ichigo/Hollow Ichigo Love Story by SerenityTears1
Sin With a Grin - Bleach - An Kyuubi No Kitsune
- My name is Kurenai Tsukiyomi; and I'm a soul reaper. Kurenai though that things couldn't get anymore weirder or dangerous after recently moving back to Karakura town...
  • sin
  • shock
  • soul
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The abnormal child by thriller4ever
The abnormal childby Anime world
When Shizumi finds out she has inherited her fathers terrible curse of having an inner hallow. She finds out the meaning of "Battle your inner demon" is all ab...
  • rukia
  • hollow
  • aizen
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Stay By Your Side (Bleach Fanfic) by nekohime14
Stay By Your Side (Bleach Fanfic)by Neko Hime
A fanfic for my beloved shinigami, Ichigo Kurosaki.
  • hollow
  • ichigo
  • rukia
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Next to You by MaferKP
Next to Youby María Fernanda
AU. Ichigo Kurosaki no pensaba que la llegada de una nueva vecina amante de los conejos cambiaría su vida por completo. -'Un momento...¿Por qué el cuarto de en frente ah...
  • ichigokurosaki
  • anime
  • manga
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Reunions [Bleach fanfiction] by CoordinatorIza
Reunions [Bleach fanfiction]by Iza
I know this isn't really a prompt for IchiRuki week (Dec. 7th-14th) but when I started thinking about it I came up with the idea to explore the times when Ichigo and Ruk...
  • bleach
  • week
  • ichigo
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Not liking the heat - [ one shot] by xxIlsexChanxx
Not liking the heat - [ one shot]by Shiro Chan
!||! THIRD PLACE IN THE CATEGORY ONE SHOT - BLEACH WATTYS 2017 !||! This takes place right after the events on the beach {bleach episode 228}. All the others had alrea...
  • romance
  • rukia
  • fanfic
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One Meter by BlackHat_
One Meterby BlackHat_
Kehidupan Kuchiki Rukia di sekolah barunya sangat baik, ia diterima dengan tangan terbuka oleh seluruh teman sekelasnya dan ia sangat mensyukuri hal itu. Namun hanya dal...
  • ichigo
  • ichiruki
  • fanfiction
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Kisara Abarai (HIATUS) by water2wonders
Kisara Abarai (HIATUS)by Fatebleach
Renji and Rukia have a child whose human life interferes with her soul life
  • bleach
  • rukia
  • izuru
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La cobarde by lovetamaki1
La cobardeby lovetamaki1
De nueva cuenta ese barco fue testigo de una tragedia, así como aquella acontecida muchos años atrás, aquella tragedia que entrelazó para siempre las vidas de Rukia y tr...
  • ashido
  • romance
  • fanfic
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Bleach: A New Generation by keybladekeyhole
Bleach: A New Generationby Alex Munroe
Shunko Shihoin, son of Yoroichi and Kisuke lives a normal life in the human world. He hangs out with his best friend Landon and Santen, plus takes down a group of thegs...
  • rukia
  • yorouichi
  • landon
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Fires of Hell by dkashaani
Fires of Hellby dkashaani
Ashaani has come a long way in the Soul Society as a Soul Reaper but her past has finally caught up with her. Now she is forced to relive her past in the unexpected reun...
  • ốc
  • renji
  • ichogo
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The diary of Toshiro Hitsugaya. by ToshiroHitsugayaCap
The diary of Toshiro Toshiro Hitsugaya
Join Toshiro from when he was a baby to a grandfather.
  • hichigo
  • diary
  • toshiro
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