Part 14 Dear Agony

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Lucy slumbered away in her exhaustion completely unaware of what her mind was about to go through.

Alegria surrounded her again, she was dressed in her training clothes-a pale blue sports bra and black mid-thigh biker shorts-with her short hair tickling her shoulders. Her brows scrunched in confusion, nothing was happening; unlike her other nightmares-all she ever had anymore-things kicked off immediately, this one seemed to be taking its time. She wasn't sure if that was a good or bad thing.

Her feet took to walking aimlessly amongst the red entrails and cement flooring that was Alegria, her friends, and guildmates; bodies littering around her within the red muscle-like tissue almost like morbid statues. She stopped when she found Natsu's headset in an almost desperate expression she only ever seen on him a handful of times when their friends were in danger and he couldn't do anything to stop it.

She would have known that expression anywhere since almost every incident involved her. Having to have Natsu save since she couldn't do it herself. Tch! What kind of wizard can't save herself?! Pathetic! Lucy loathed her former self, couldn't imagine not being able to stand on the same pedestal as a soul reaper captain anymore.

Except in nightmares. These nightmares left her defenseless with nothing but her limbs which had proven useless thus far.

She squatted down to run her fingers along her best friends face, Natsu never once complained about constantly having to save her, never once forced her to get stronger to train harder than she already did. He never did any of those things, he was her encouraging knight in shining armor. Man did that sound cliche but it was a true cliche at least.

"Luuuuuuccccccyyyyyy..." A hollow voice echoed throughout the room.

Lucy's head shot up to search the area around her, nothing was present; where had that voice come from?

"" The echo came from behind her.

Lucy stood to her full height and turned. Behind her was a thin trail of dark blue mist leading into the room she just came from. She followed it without a second thought, may as well start the nightmare.

The trail of blue mist stopped from where she had awoken. What once was empty now flooded with water, beneath her was a floating piece of driftwood. Dread filled her, she almost didn't want to look down knowing what would greet her. And she was right, whatever remained of her top lay flimsily tied across her breasts with her black skirt barely covering important parts.

Her throat moved in a dry swallow, around her flashes of golden light appeared and with them her trusty spirits Virgo and Loke. Not far behind were Torafuser and Jackal. No...please don't tell me! As if her darkest memories were coming to life Lucy's had unwillingly gone to her belt and yanked off Aquarius' key.

No! But Lucy had no control over this nightmare.

"Open! Gate of the Water Bearer, Aquarius!" Lucy felt Aquarius' presence behind her, acting as her wall while the mage herself felt the exhaustion of overusing magic and fighting Jackal, a tiredness she didn't truly feel like her current self.

Lucy thought she knew what was coming next, she thought she was going to have to re-sacrifice Aquarius all over again. She thought wrong.

Aquarius' attack hit both Lucy, Jackal, and Torafuser. Unlike last time both demons died until only Lucy remained. The water sucker punched her in her exposed belly, shooting her backward like a torpedo. Lucy ached to flip her body and launch off the wall she hit yet couldn't due to her not having any abilities in nightmares.

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