Part 7 Save Yourself

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A/N: I normally don't make a habit of doing these types of notes before or after chapters but in this case it is necessary. Anyone who is triggered by mature material such as abuse and rape should either proceed with caution or completely skip that scene-which will have an extra warning. 

Lucy dropped Natsu off at the house before continuing her aimless walking; she had a lot on her mind most of which hashing out with Natsu wouldn't do any good. After all, what needed hashing revolved around him anyway. She huffed a breath in the cold air. Karakura winter was lovely in her opinion.

Her feet carried her to the forest she had run to shortly after waking in this new world, her scarred knuckles echoed with faint pains from where those shards of boulder had injured her. She felt that same urge to pummel something solid rather than a weak oak tree or something. Luckily that same boulder hadn't been destroyed by her fists last time; Ichigo had pulled her away before she could.

Lucy clenched her fist before punching her favorite boulder, it still did not shatter. Was Natsu's inability to use his true zanpaktou my fault? Did Mukai somehow cause it when I gave him his sword after Aizen's defeat? Something cracked when she didn't pull that specific punch; she hated when things were her fault. Erza's words rang through her ears again; she really was just a burden. Lucy hung her head, her blond hair barely hiding her face from sight.

Blood dripped down the boulder from where her fist still rest on the stone, cracks stemmed from her fist. Luckily those knuckles were already scarred, a few more wouldn't hurt anyone. The sad thing about no magic; her body had more scars than ever before. Not that she was ashamed of her markings, they added more to her character, she just wished everything didn't leave scars.

Lucy pulled her fist back from the crater in that rock, bone broke through her skin and was completely drenched in her own blood. Nice going. Mukai smarted at her. Oh hush, Mukai; like you haven't done something similar in our mindscape. Touche. Lucy smirked. Mukai proved to be entertaining when she chose to make herself known.

It's safe for you to head back; Erza has left departed and Natsu-and our roommates-are asleep. Isshin is the only one awake. How Mukai knew things like this she'd never know...nor ask how she knew. Some things were meant to be kept quiet.

Mukai's understandings of Lucy's decisions was uncanny. Not even Lucy knew why she hadn't gone home with Natsu. She knew her thoughts over Natsu were part of it but never her avoidance of Erza. Maybe that was why she didn't acknowledge the other reason; she was never one to avoid her nakama.

Before you go though, we have a hollow out by Karakura High. Rukia has yet to wake Ichigo and nobody else has responded to it yet. Go.

Lucy followed Mukai's directions and popped on the soul reaper glove Isshin had given her from her bra-big boobs were definitely a plus in these types of situations. Her body crumpled into the cold, snowy ground as her spirit form flash-stepped to Karakura High.

A roar from the Hollow erupted the quiet night, its body smashing anything in sight. Ichigo and her friends were going to have a few days off for repairs; damn that hollow really was agitated. Its body was almost humanoid with several tentacle-like appendages smashing anything from its-what she thought anyway-behind. It stood as tall as the school and definitely had Yammy's bulk, though nowhere near his power level.

She drew her zanpaktou out-not even bothering to go into Shikai as this was not that strong a hollow-and went to slash one of its appendages off. Someone's sword deflected her own, the blade nearly shearing off her nose in the process.

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