Part 15 Think Twice

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Natsu stamped down the street disgruntled from Isshin's forcing him out of the house with a paltry excuse of he couldn't see his best friend because she wasn't capable of seeing someone at the moment. He assumed that to mean she had had another nightmare. And that really just added to his mood.

Despite having a fullbring he still couldn't train due to Ginjo-and Lucy-ordering him not to train until next time he was present. So he had stayed in Kisuke's basement meditating find his true zanpaktou aka his swords spirit. Sitting still was hard enough, sitting still while meditating while every one of his friends got to spar was torture. Well, until Kisuke thought it'd be a good idea to have two soul reaper captain level shinigami spar with their masks on then it became outright torture! And deadly, but, 'ya know, semantics.

In his Fairy Tail days Natsu was known for being destructive-with his magic, strength, general existence-but Lucy took it to a whole 'nother level. Had the blond former mage had that level of power...well nothing could have beaten them. Except for maybe Masters rage at having to pay another damages bill done in by none other than Team Natsu. Boy was he glad Happy wasn't around, poor cat would have probably died during the spar.

Speaking of Happy-Natsu still felt saddened-the blue cat no longer tailed Natsu like he used to. Nope, all Exceeds had decided to find a place of their own-which so happened to be a cat cafe-so their respective partners could get used to their new homes. And Isshin just so happened to be allergic to cats. Ichigo too but he didn't care about him.

Luckily, Natsu made sure to free up some time once or twice a week to fish with his little buddy. Today just so happened to be one such day. When training was declared over for everyone-except for Ichigo and Lucy who had to stay behind to clean up their mess-he had rushed over to Happy's place-a cafe named Catalicious-to set up this particular outing. Happy had told him in the back while noming on a fish- to meet up around five at their new fishing spot. Which was where Happy was waiting now.

Happy waddled on the cold concrete with his bag filled with fishing supplies, he was just so happy to finally be spending more time with his partner. Though he did miss Carla, being so far away from her was so hard on both of them. He'd make up for his heartbreaking absence with plenty of fish. Though she still refused to eat raw fish. Maybe he'd catch something she could. Cats could dream.

Happy ran into legs, due to his heavy load he fell on his behind with an oof. Happy had to crane his neck all the way back to see who he ran into.

"Meow meow." Sorry for running into you. 

Happy cocked his little blue head. "Meow?" Why do you want to know if I know Natsu?

From what he could see the man scrunched his brows in frustration. He sighed an annoyed sigh. "Usually I don't make it a habit to attack cats but it seems I must..." He knelt in front of the blue cat. "don't be mad at me for doing this but it must be done."

In quick succession, the mans book-he'd had it in his hand the whole time-opened to reveal an unremarkable white bookmark which quickly morphed into a sword. Happy's eyes nearly bugged out of his head but he had seen weirder things, hell, to nearly everybody a blue, talking, flying cat was bizarre. That same bookmark blade cut happy diagonally across his body, blood pouring out of the wound. Happy faintly felt his back hit concrete.

"Did we really have to attack the cat?" Some voice asked through what felt like cotton balls in the cat's ears.

"Yes, we did, Tsukushima. Now let's go before Natsu shows up."

A sigh. Then "Whatever you say,"

His last glimpse of his attacker wasn't who he ran into but of leather jacket.

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