Part 16 This is War

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 Facing Natsu was the same dark-skinned woman he had seen on the love seat when he and Lucy first came to Xcution; her name was unknown him as well as her abilities. She stood before him with her left hand braced on her cocked hip, brown leather zip wrap top shining in the light from the house. Natsu didn't know what she was capable of but was ready to find out.

"We've met but haven't introduced ourselves; my name is Jackie Tristan, nice to meet you."

"Names Natsu Dragneel, I'm all fired up!" Natsu's hand erupting in his new flames, his eyes narrowed in fierce look not unlike his the one he used when Future Rogue duked it on Motherglare.

Jackie's own brown eyes compressed until they were near slits. "Now that's a good expression." Her full lips curving in a grin. She was going to like this.

Natsu stood there waiting for her to activate her Fullbring while his formed what looked like two brass knuckles made of his new flames. Jackie just placed her other hand on her hip.

"Not going to attack first? Is it because I'm a girl?" Her head tilted to the side.

"I don't fight unarmed opponents even if it's for training. Bring out your Fullbring." Natsu answered seriously.

Jackie scoffed at him. "How naive of you." She sneered. "Despite this being training this is still a battle, you must think of me as an enemy; would you say the same thing in true battle?"

Natsu cocked his own head in confusion, he never attacked anyone unharmed because that always resembled his enemies. "Probably." Natsu deadpanned. He was not his enemies thank you very much.

"Ugh, fine." She huffed. "Since that's how it's going to be let's get this started; Dirty Boots." Jackie's boots shifting higher on her white jeans, arm guards, white scarf winding around her neck, her head graced with a black military cap and ash grey shield covering the right half of her face.

Natsu whistled as she disappeared from sight. A light swishing sound was his only warning, what felt like a brick hit his mid-back sending him flying halfway across the room. Natsu skidded along the flooring, his flames singing whatever carpet was touched.

"Heh," Natsu smirked. "you're pretty good, caught me off guard for a second their. Won't happen again." Natsu boasted.

"You are not bad yourself, didn't think you'd be able to stop yourself that quickly."

Natsu's eyes scanned her body, her Fullbring was like Erza's Requip, just without the many different armors. "What's your armor do?" Natsu asked, so far it seemed like Erza's cheetah armor yet he couldn't exactly pinpoint it without further analyzing.

"You actually believe I'm going to tell you?" Jackie Snarked.

"Knew it was too much to be true." Natsu tensed his legs for a jump, his fists igniting in a mimic of Fire Dragons Fist.

Jackie dodged his fireball-he discovered his flames could be used as projectiles-reappearing behind him for a kick, dodged by his engulfed forearm. Their eyes locked, Natsu's other arm coming in for a fire packed punch, sending the flames after her in a quick burst.

Jackie ducked beneath, sending her free leg for Natsu's shoulder. Natsu went low, bearing his arm against the offending limb, his opponents booting sizzling against his flames.

"You've been blocking the majority f my attacks with her flaming arms, you've got good reflexes but you are definitely holding back on me; are you trying to figure out my Fullbring's abilities while fighting?

"That's admirable, however, you won't be able to keep that up for much longer I'm afraid. The carpet below us has turned to ashes thanks to your flames, these Dirty Boots are going to get dirty..." Jackie went in for a roundhouse.

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