Part 6 The Beginning

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Lucy felt her mind go blank with every step towards Naruki City, towards Xcution and Ginjo. Her hands had curled in on themselves, the scars along her knuckles tingled slightly; her palms felt damp against her fingers. Lucy was nervous. Could Ginjo really help them?

She could still hear Erza's cruel words in her ear; if you hadn't been born Tower of Heaven wouldn't have happened, I wouldn't have lost my eye! Lucy shut her brown eyes, her brows scrunched together. She knew Tower of Heaven wasn't her fault but it still felt like it was, could Ginjo help her figure out why she was having these nightmares.

A touch to her shoulder jarred her from her thoughts and doubts. Her eyes flicked to the tan hand resting on her shoulder, Natsu jerked his chin at a wall of black concrete. "We're here, Luce." Natsu put in unnecessarily. Lucy nodded absently her eyes scanning for the giant of the man who said he could help them.

"Yo, brat! Over here!" Ginjo's voice called from behind them.

Lucy twisted around to see him while Natsu just turned his upper body to the side. Ginjo stood under an unlit street lamp, sunlight casting shadows over his hulking figure. As he slowly approached with an inhuman grace Lucy thought back to their conversation with him earlier.

"After you hang up please dial 00800 and then hang up once more. Repeat this process one more time, upon placing the third call under the same number you will be connected to-"The machine's voice changed from something feminine to gravely and deep. Ginjo. "Ginjo Kugo."

Natsu wasted no time in explaining anything, instead, he took the call over. "Look, Gujo, there's something we need your help with." Lucy yanked the phone from her best friend.

"Sorry about that, Ginjo," Lucy placed emphasis on his name. "we need to talk to you about something important and we would also like to request your help as you said you could help us. Were you lying?"

Ginjo's chuckle filtered through her phones speaker. "There was no deciet, I can help you. The question is will I and what for. If you want my help you'll have to tell me in person what it is your issues are. So, here's how it will go."

Ginjo glided passed the duo to the door of the business building. His head flicked back to giver Lucy and Natsu a once over before his gaze settled on Lucy. "You have the card?"

"Today, lets say two, both of you head on down to the 7-7-1 of Choubera in Naruki City, you can explain your situations there. I will try to help you." The line cut off.

Lucy nodded and pulled the card from her bra-her clothes hadn't changed since she woke up-she stepped forward when Ginjo opened the door. "Ladies first." His hand swept into the building in a gesture.

Lucy glided by him with no less inhuman grace than he had exhibited with a slight bow of thanks. Natsu followed her in with the abruptness of his favored element. Ginjo led them to a bank of elevators, he let them in before pressing button number three. Finally, he turned to them.

"So," He drawled almost lazily. "what did you need me for?" Lucy and Natsu exchanged glances. Should they tell him the whole truth before reaching their final destination?

Seeing exchange Ginjo chortled. "You don't have to go into detail just yet, give me an overview of your individual issues. The real thing will be discussed inside."

Natsu and Lucy shared a second glance, deciding who would go first. Lucy went first as this was more her domain than Natsu's. "For me, it's nightmares so real...they are real...they're memories of my past but...they're twisted.....I've had nightmares before and they were never that realistic before and I've never almost killed someone upon waking up from them. I just don't know what's going on nor can I figure it out and I thought you might know..." Lucy trailed off. She knew how her situation sounded, what girl went to a stranger for help with plain nightmares? She lived in a doctors house but she knew he wouldn't be able to help her the way Ginjo could. She couldn't explain how she just knew.

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