Part 4 Kryptonite

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 Natsu slid Kisuke's shoji door closed once he stepped out; outside the sun was almost beneath the horizon. Natsu sighed and flipped the hood of his training hoodie up; he whistled a tune he had heard Yuzu play from something called a radio. Hands jammed in his mesh basketball shorts-Isshin had bought him several pains-he left the premises.

Karakura's streets were clear, it was almost hard to believe just two months prior he had seen his best friend bring down a powerful foe all on her own. Almost. What he had witnessed that day left its mark on him. And it wasn't the last time either, Lucy regularly trained with and without her mask on; Ichigo had told her it was unnecessary but Lucy always made it a point to train with everything she had been given. Akuma and Mukai were no different.

"Move it brat!" Some random guy shoved Natsu in the shoulder.

The guy didn't make it one step further before Natsu slammed his fist into the guys face. Now, the pinkette might not be a dragon slayer or have all his senses heightened like before that did not mean he still wasn't strong or wasn't going to defend himself.

Natsu never let anyone who wasn't apart of his guild than him, boss, shove-him around. They may not be on Earthland anymore but nothing could change that particular trait. So Natsu was instantly satisfied with hearing a loud crunch.

As the man flew back into someone's brick gate, a red duffle bag landed behind Natsu. What the...

"Oi! Thanks a lot, brat."

A man-how did keep sneaking up on him?!-with slicked-back black hair said from behind Natsu. The pinkette twisted his head to see the new member. This new addition towered over Natsu by half a head and had at least half his bulk. This looks like a good fight.

"Thanks? For what?" Natsu asked. He hadn't done anything to receive thanks.

As if the main could read Natsu's confusion he added; "For stopping that douche-" thumb pointing back at the dude. "-who took my bag? So!" The man clapped his hands together before stooping down to pick up his bag.

"How about a bowl of ramen as thanks, hm, brat?" The man beamed at him.

Natsu titled his head and beat over this man's offer..was it worth missing out on Lucy's fifty chile chili? No, it was not. He flashed the man a small smile.

"Sorry but no can do pal. See ya!" Natsu walked away from the man. As he did he could've sworn he heard interesting.

Natsu climbed down the stairs the next day dressed in his uniform awaiting Lucy's breakfast. As always Luce stood in a baby apron handing out their individual meals-today was ghost chile marinated chicken-which he scarfed down. After he handed Luce his plate he grabbed his-fire red-bento without her customary hug; yesterday still played in his head.

School passed him by in an uninteresting blur; his mind whirled over yesterday's training. His jaw was sore from clenching all day. He left without waiting for anyone.

Outside by the gate leaned that guy from yesterday, he whistled a jaunty tune.

"Yo, brat, how about that ramen?" He called before Natsu could pass him.

Natsu looked over his shoulder at the man. "Nah Luce's making dinner." The man chuckled.

"How about you invite her for a bowl as well? I'm sure it'd be a treat for her."

Something about his tone set Natsu's senses on fire. Immediately his onyx eyes narrowed. What did he mean by that?

"What did you mean that." Natsu damn near growled. If what he thought was correct...

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