Part 10 Mind Reader

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 Lucy followed Mr. Bartenders directions to the bathroom. Surprisingly it was quite close to the den, just one hall over after taking aright-apparently the left side held everyone's sleeping quarters; except for Lucy and Natsu. They hadn't moved in since they were so new but she was unsure if Ginjo would prefer them moving in. Sure, it'd make things easier-after all her trainer was in the same building so she could immediately go to him after nightmares-but she rather liked the Kurosaki household. She may not have been keeping up with her kitchen or housecleaning duties; she still didn't want to leave.

However, if Natsu said he wanted to live at Xcution she would go with him. Lucy had initially done this for Natsu, why wouldn't she go as far as he would? Their bond was deeper than anyone even Erza and Grey. They weren't in love with each other but they didn't need to be lovers to understand the other on such an intimate level. They acted like lovers but were so much more than what that title could offer them.

Xcution's bathroom was spacious, able to fit both stand in shower, claw foot tub, two vanities, and a traditional Japanese toilet. With toilet seat covers! That was important as once she used the bathroom at Ichigo's she was addicted to never feeling cold porcelain seats ever again, they made midnight bathroom trips not as miserable.

She shucked her sweater dress over her head, nose wrinkling in disgust over wearing the for two days straight. She felt even worse after removing her undergarments; those nightmares were the real deal, this was not how Lucy Heartfilia treated herself on a daily basis. She was never one to stray from person hygiene or changing of clothes; the fact that she did-thank kami she was never much of a sweater and her own natural scent covered sleep-spoke legions of her mental state.

She slipped beneath the water's surface having started a stream before removing her to-be-burned clothing. Using her foot she shut the water off, sighing as she sunk to her chin in the hot water. Naturally hot baths were her thing, having Natsu as a best friend meant when her water heater went out he would stick his hand in her bath water-while she stood behind him in a towel to heat it up; during times like that her baths were close to boiling. Her current temperature was only a handful degrees away itself, it was perfect for her cramped angry muscles. Nightmares weren't good for her physically either.

Her hand popped out of the water volcano to open her shower bag, pulling out clean scented shampoo and conditioner along with her loufa and mint body wash. With products out, she went about cleaning her body of two days sweat, sleep, and grime.

Finished Lucy stepped out and sighed, Natsu had gotten her everything she needed except her pink plush towel. Really, Natsu, you manage to remember which products are mine, find me Ichigo's clothes yet you forget my towel? Maybe Isshin washed it while I was absent. Despite popular belief, Lucy did get out every now and again, sometimes for days at a time. If laundry needed to be done and Isshin had the time between clients he was known to wash, several times he's washed her towel without informing her. It was possible with Isshin.

No matter, guess Ichigo's sweats will just have to be dried later. He won't complain. Lucy shrugged before throwing on Ichigo's clothes, not bothering with her bra. Ichigo's shirt-which was an appalling shade of yellow-hung off her supple breasts doing nothing to flatter her figure while his drawstring pants were tightened until they rested comfortably against her hip bones.

Lucy did her usual facial routine after brushing her teeth, Natsu had grabbed Ichigo's red toothbrush instead of her sky blue one. When she twisted the door jamb Yukio sat in front of the door's frame playing his game. Upon hearing the door creak open he looked up at Lucy, his green eyes twinkling with recognition.

"You are the lady I am supposed to be training. Follow me please." Yukio stood on his feet. "As you already know my name is Yukio, full name is Yukio Hans Vorarlberna; my parents were foreigners. Although that is unneeded information. My Fullbring is called Invaders Must Die, it is activated by my game system. Something of which you are not allowed to use."

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