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The process of deciding what to write next was always nerve-inducing. What if it failed? What if I gave up halfway through because I couldn't see myself finishing it or because it wound up going nowhere? It was a struggle I faced on a daily basis.

No matter what, though, I would always make sure to write at least one page a day. Each page was approximately three hundred words, so it allowed me the chance to work on my craft at least a little bit. I couldn't not go a day without writing. There was once a whole week in high school where I was unable to write at all, and it was the most antagonizing week of my life.

I needed to write.

And I was already in the midst of figuring out my next big project. I needed to learn more about the personal experiences of romance in order to write about it. If I was going to do that, I would have to experience a romantic relationship full of memories I would be able to fall back on, pulling them out of my back pocket to use in order to write an authentic scene. And there wasn't a better source to use than my own romantic experiences with Sky.

The date was coming. Provided all went well, I would surely have an endless stream of romantic encounters to write about. If I was going to write about what I knew, then I was going to have to write out all about my romantic encounters with him. But I didn't want to write out how I met Sky in my book. I didn't want everything to completely represent the truth. I wanted to mix it up a little, keeping it fresh while retaining some of the better, precious memories to myself.

A meet cute.

It was one of the more important scenes to write out. How to couple wound up together was important to write about. But they didn't always have to be cute. Sometimes they could be more, I don't know, weird. Crazy. Out of the blue. That was where Tumblr came into place by look up different OTP posts and finding the cutest one to write about. But if this book was going to be inspired by me and what I went through, I was going to make their meet cute not that cute.

More importantly, the opening chapter had to be perfect. If I am unable to grasp my reader's attention on the first page, let alone the opening sentence, all my work would spiral down the drain. So, I had to make sure it was good.

It was something all college students dreamed of, the ability to be frozen in time and act as though nothing was happening. That way they would never have to face the realty of student loans and the fear of failing classes. Giselle could easily freeze time, as she always did before class as she sat in the back lawn of the campus, facing a small pond with the wind nipping at her cheeks. There were no troubles nor worries to fret over. All she had to do was sit still and become one with the world.

Yet the moment the clock struck two on the clock above the main building, her eyes opened in a panic. Waking from her daze, she snatched her bag beside her and dashed toward her classroom. Upon entering just seconds before the professor arrived, she sunk into the only empty seat left beside her. Placing a hand over her chest, she exhaled in relief. Her heart would not stop pounding, as the fear of being late for the strictest professor on campus would not go over well.

Just mere moments before the professor was about to begin his lecture, a student ran in. With the only vacant seat open being next to her, he quickly slid into the spot beside her. She pulled her laptop out of her backpack and loaded up her notes. The boy beside her did the same, but he also pulled a small to-go mug of coffee out as well.

The bitter scent was powerful, causing her to moan softly under her breath. Having been up all night, finishing yet another paper for a different class, she got next to no sleep. It was why the pond was the perfect place to relax. For a brief moment in time, there was no need to worry about exams and papers and work. She wished she could be doing the same right then and there.

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