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What was a person supposed to feel when they were with their partner? Love? Affection? Desire? Giselle couldn't figure out why she was lacking those feelings. She knew she was supposed to feel an aspect of love when hugged by Hans's arms, but she didn't feel anything. She felt empty. There was something within the relationship she was missing.

How was she supposed to find it? She had been trying hard to feel something, to create a stronger spark between the two. No matter what, it was always the same ordeal between them. They'd sit beside one another in class. They would eat lunch together. They'd get coffee with friends. They'd go on dates. Nothing. Then they'd make out, and that was the only time she felt something between them. When their lips locked onto one another, she felt a warm ball of light within her soul begin to glow.

There was plenty of making out between them. She'd kiss him whenever she had the chance, hoping to spark something new and exciting within her or her partner. It was the only time she felt any sort of love or affection, which she found to be quite odd due to the fact he was quite affectionate with her. Everything about him screamed love, but she couldn't feel anything unless his lips were on hers.

Did that make her shallow? Did that make her vain? She didn't know what she was supposed to feel, but there was something there alright. It was near impossible to figure out what it was. And she was afraid to speak to her friends about it over the sheer fact that they would say-

"Sounds like there's trouble in paradise," Dakota commented as she placed the latest chapter on her desk.

That was not what I wanted to hear. I was sick of hearing that, in fact. There couldn't have been trouble in paradise. They were happy together. They were fine.

I purposefully poured my heart and soul into that chapter in hopes of hearing a solution of some sort from Dakota. She would give me direction on where to go and tell me, or technically Giselle, what to do next. She would explain to me the way to make things better between them, because I sure as hell couldn't figure it out.

I liked Sky. I liked him a lot. I loved spending time with him and being his partner, but I didn't feel much of what I thought was expected of me. Or maybe this was the feeling of bliss everyone would talk about when they were with someone. This was the feeling of being loved and affectionate, but since I had never felt it before, I didn't know if it was the real deal or not.

There was obvious chemistry between us. All of our theatre friends could see it. We worked well together, able to play off one another's emotions during our exercises. We were talented people in our own fields. We could easily joke around with one another and poke fun at each other without hurting the other's feelings. We worked really well together. That had to mean something.

But it was nothing but dull with him. The only time I felt something other than the default was when I was kissing him. He would grind up on me, and I felt alive. His piercing moans aroused me so much, and I felt pure ecstasy when he held me in his arms. But that was only when we kissed. Any other time he held me, nothing. That couldn't have been right.

"So, what should she do if she's feeling this way? What would you suggest?"

"Seems like the relationship is growing old between the two. Maybe you could add another love interest," she chirped. "Giselle meets another guy and she begins to feel alive with him- actually no, better yet, Hans meets someone else, and that cause Giselle to feel jealous and sparks the emotions she missing in that moment."

I hated that trope. The whole relationship goes sour so there has to be a new love interest. Or even worse, the idea that a man and woman couldn't be friends without wanting to have sex. Sky had plenty of friends of all genders, and I never felt a reason to be concerned. I know he cares for me and is my boyfriend. That's not an issue. He tells me someone is a friend, I believe him because I have total faith in him. The same could be said for Giselle, because she knows Hans is devoted to her, so I told Dakota that.

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