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Our hands remained intertwined as we met up with our friends at the food court. Per Sky's control, our hands rocked back and forth enthusiastically, and a perky smile lingered on his face. I'm pretty sure the whole nickname and kissing caused him to rest on cloud nine, but I needed for him to come down from his high before his friends (most likely Tony) assumed I gave him a blowjob or something. Who knew what young adults thought of these days.

"Buy anything good?" Gray questioned, oblivious to Sky.

"Just running shoes," I responded.

"Cause you need to work out more so you can beat up more idiots," Tony nodded, a smug grin on his face as he lifted his soda in the air as though he were toasting me.

"Sure," I dragged out, figuring it would be best to agree with him on this case rather than argue. I didn't beat people up for fun. I only did what I had to do from the situation I was in. There was nothing wrong with that. He was an asshole, and he deserved it after he touched me when I told him no.

Gray, ever the great friend that he was, could barely hold in his laughs. He knew how tame I was, physically speaking. I had to put up with a lot of bullshit from people due to my gender and just from work in general. Who knew that not all book nerds were chill dorks with social anxiety? Figured I would slowly grow a tolerance to people because I knew that once I became a famous author, I would receive mixed reviews where some people would be so far along the spectrum as to buy my blood on eBay since they were such a fan or send me death threats and possibly try to kill me at my door for being "too controversial." Isn't fame incredible?

Sky and I sat down at the table right next to each other in the booth. He began to grow invested in a conversation with everyone while I checked my phone for any emails from Dakota. Earlier in the morning, I sent in the next chapter to her. The date had finally arrived, and I knew she was going to be ecstatic for the two. She was such a fan of the book that I was pretty sure Giselle and Hans were her OTP (one true pairing for anyone who doesn't know slang).

The chapter started simple:

Giselle stared at herself in the mirror. A simple black dress with a sheer white top on underneath. The outfit was dressy, yet it wasn't over the top. When it came to Hans, he wasn't an over the top type of guy. More than anything, he liked to keep things casual between people, not wanting to freak them out by being overbearing.

But when it came to Giselle, it was clear that he wanted to make a valuable impression on her, hence the rose when he asked her out. And she wanted to put some effort in as well. She never dated anyone before, never finding being single to be an issue with her. With Hans, it was different. She wanted to make a valuable impression, show she cared about the date because, despite not knowing him for long, she cared about him.

The two had been friends for well over a month, and she knew she had feelings for him. Whether they were feelings of friendship, romance, or lust, she would soon find out. This date was going to determine the next step she took in life, and she hoped to have him by her side. Hopefully she wouldn't scare him away, because whether they were dating or not, she still wanted to be friends with him.

Hans felt the same way. And as he dressed himself up for their date, his mind set was different. Though Giselle was an incredible friend of his, he wanted her. He liked her more than he thought he would ever like someone. It was something more than what he could describe in words. Being with her was like listening to the waves crash on the shores, hearing birds chirp songs in the late afternoon, and basking in the evening's setting sun (I think that's how people feel when they're with someone they like. I highlighted it to get Dakota's opinion on it. Had to make sure it was good).

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