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Ace And Aro Memes by SomethingWithGhosts
Ace And Aro Memesby no
the ✨long awaited second part✨ now with even more memes! i still don't own them btw yea, have fun!
Aro And Ace Memes by SomethingWithGhosts
Aro And Ace Memesby no
Just some memes (and... stuff) for all my aspec people out there! I try to update every other day oh, and: THOSE ARE NOT MINE! [most of them will probably be in here mul...
Aro and Ace Memes by aroacekk
Aro and Ace Memesby Kk
A compilation of aro and ace memes and stuff that made me happy. I'll try to add stuff as much as I can. I might repeat stuff every now and again, just bear with me plea...
The Adventures Of An Aromantic Asshole (In A Shockingly Cliché World) by Quack_Theory
The Adventures Of An Aromantic Quack Theory
Okay. So, let's all just agree that some stories can be pretty cliché, right. I mean - do you wanna tell me you never been reading a story and thought "yo, what t...
MCYT x Brother!Reader by NotFuckedJustCucked
MCYT x Brother!Readerby DaBastard
Any fanart used in this book I got off pinterest so if you know who made the art please let me know so I can credit
starfall | the eternals by disastrousicarus
starfall | the eternalsby icarus
in which astraeus is an eternal sent to earth to defend the humans against the deviants [the eternals] [non-binary!oc] [platonic] [marvel cinematic universe] [started on...
》IMPOSTOR by disastrousicarus
》IMPOSTORby icarus
in which a non-binary streamer struggles to deal with their mental health, haters and COVID-19 while meeting a bunch of new people that might just make life better 》non...
Afterglow ❃ l.m.j by resilientflower
Afterglow ❃ l.m.jby shae
Love looks different for everyone. For some, love is short or has beauty marks like constellations. For others, love looks mean or talks so fast that their words all tum...
Aroace memes by AxolotlLover225
Aroace memesby AxolotlLover225
funny stuff, none of these are mine
LGBTQIA+ Memes & Stuff by Rhian_The_Snek
LGBTQIA+ Memes & Stuffby ~Rhian~
A collection of LGBTQIA+ Memes, Heart-warming stories etc Credits go to the original artists/creators (Most posts have credit attached to them)
✔Touch Starved [Taekook] by KimSeokjinsWaist
✔Touch Starved [Taekook]by ❀Lea❀
Jungkook hates being touched. Be it a high five from a friend or a forced hug from your distant aunt that tells you you grew so much. He hates it. Anything involving phy...
Enchanter by jackson_terrance
Enchanterby Jackson Terrance
Since the age of eleven, Anton had lived with a curse. His curse: whenever he looked at anything that would show his reflection, he would instead see a sorceress from an...
Avengers In Need [Smut+Fluff] REQUESTS OPEN! by MissLayton
Avengers In Need [Smut+Fluff] MissLayton
Due to your qualifications as an aromatic people reader and pleaser you got hired by Friday to assist the avengers with every need that has something to do with feelings...
Two falling black stars by MxBlueEyes
Two falling black starsby Mx Blue Eyes
A school party is being held and all houses are invited. But the alcohol makes some people realise there wrong's or make them do something wrong. A marauder's fic about...
u and me by _laeee_
u and meby Lae
short smut stories (with kinks) 18+
Chaos Begins |One More Highschool Comedy, Book 1| by Kathy_Marwin
Chaos Begins |One More Kathy M ⚡
When an albino girl Camilla transferred schools, she never expected meeting someone as wild and strange as Remi. Despite her quirky and happy appearance, however, there...
Sinnamon Rolls: Backstory by rosaceaeprunus
Sinnamon Rolls: Backstoryby 🌹🌸
Kari is a compassionate girl on the geeky side with budding culinary talents. After her family had to move halfway across the country, Kari is unable to adjust in her ne...
Book of LGBTQIAP+by Charlie
Whether you're LGBTQIAP+ or not, you are welcome here. This book has facts, memes, random anecdotes about my life, and more. There are serious chapters and funny chapter...
The Love Life of Simon Lewis by Jimonumental
The Love Life of Simon Lewisby Jimonumental
Simon Lewis had a bad habit of being blind. Blind to the truth about his childhood best friend, blind to his own needs, blind to the family he's surrounded by, and blind...