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"I may have only known you for like...not even a year, but even I find this to a be a little out of character," Gray claimed.

Sipping my latte, I quirked an eyebrow. "Why? Cause I asked someone out instead of being asked out?" I clarified.

"Basically, yeah," he said. "You're not the type of person who goes out on dates with people, let alone be the one to ask them out."

"I'm in college now. I'm nineteen. It's time to start acting like it, and that includes making grown up decisions that involve whether or not I should date someone. I can't seem to find any harm in this," I stated.

"Do you even like him?"

"Sky?" He nodded. "It's complicated."

"How so."

"Well, I know I like him as a person. I could see myself being friends with him for years and years and years. That's a good thing, right? Yeah, you know I'm right," I teasingly smirked upon his eyeroll. "But- I mean- I don't know, I've never actually dated anyone before. I've never wanted to date anyone before. I didn't have too many friends throughout high school, only a few scattered around who I only hung out with while I was at school. It wasn't until the end of my junior year that I even made any actual friends.

"College has now presented me with these new opportunities that I never thought would actually happen to me. I never imagined I would have friends that I would look forward to hanging out with outside of class. And I definitely never imagined being given the chance to publish a book. An actual book. I might actually become an author now-"

"Spencer," Gray chuckled. "I get it. New opportunities."

"Exactly. But most of all, I never imagined I would meet someone I would want to date, but I want to date Sky."

Now, that wasn't a total lie. I most certainly wanted to date Sky. He was my ticket to getting in the fast lane of becoming a big-named published author. With the experience I would gain from him, surely I would be able to spit out romance novel after romance novel. And what if my life turned into a romance novel? One where I would fall head over heels in love with him and our romance would blossom into something more than I could have ever imagined?

While I wasn't completely opposed to the idea (since it involved book premises), I wouldn't have minded if our relationship didn't go anywhere and we wound up being only friends. In fact, being his friend was an amazing thing all by itself. I have been told that feelings of friendship evolving into something romantical was an even grander experience that everyone needs to feel at some point in their lives. If I could feel that with Sky, then maybe things would fall into place.

And then I could write about it.

Gray merely scoffed and chuckled before continuing to drink his latte. "You romantics and all your romance and such," he quipped. "I can go the rest of my life without having a romance, and I will be as happy as can be. I don't need a lover to feel loved. There's no rule that says you have to be in a relationship."

Scrunching up his nose, he glanced up before shrugging. "Though, I do feel as though there should be a rule for writers, that they should know about love and romance and all that if they intend to write about it. Write about what you know. It's why all of Stephen King's novels take place in Maine."

He wasn't wrong. You had to know about what you were writing in order for it to be a good book. Bullshitting your way through a novel was not going to cut it for publishers. That was another reason why my first three books weren't cutting it for Dakota and I. I didn't know enough about the world to write about it at the time.

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