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"Thank you for seeing me," I cried.

"Of course." Johnathon reached out to hand me the box of tissues.

It was Saturday morning, a mere day after my last appointment, but I could not go another week without his help. I was a mess. I ruined a life, one I never meant to hurt. I was a monster, a wolf in sheep's skin.

"I hurt Sky," I sniffled. "I didn't mean to. I didn't even know I was doing anything wrong. I thought I was just writing a book, but I didn't realize it would have such a negative impact on him."

"Okay, you're going to have to calm down so I can understand what you're saying," he calmly instructed. We took the next minute to regulate my breathing so I wasn't crying as hysterically as before. From the moment I arrived at the office, I had already been crying for hours. I had no idea I could cause someone so much pain and misery.

"Okay, good," he encouraged. "Now, can you start from the beginning? You were doing great yesterday. You were a two."

"Now I'm negative infinity."

"Well, what happened?"

It started right after my therapy session with Johnathon. Sky was hosting another game night, and my mom arrived early to start talking to the moms, because they had suddenly become her best friends. I was happy for her. She was spending her time with someone other than her sister. She was putting herself out there, and it was all thanks to Sky. I owed him.

"There's my beautiful, baby," she cooed. Standing up from her spot on the couch, she walked up to me and kissed my face.

"Mom, what are you doing?" I laughed.

"Just showing you my love," she replied, adverting her eyes away from me.

"You showering me in love is not going to make Giselle and Hans get back together. My mind is already made up on this."

She pouted. She loved them so much.

"Trust me, mom, it will be for the best. You'll like this ending, I know it."

"I know," she exhaled. "My darling little gi- child knows best." She had been trying. There was going to be the occasional slip up now and again, but it was the effort that mattered. She loved me, and she wanted to make sure I was still doing alright. We were putting in the effort, and our relationship was growing stronger by the minute.

"Who's Giselle?" Amy's mom asked.

"The main character of my baby's book," mom replied.

There was a sudden whole spew of 'can I read it's going around. I gave my mom the look, making sure she knew that I was upset over it being brought up, because this was the kind of disappointment that I hated to deliver.

"No, she only lets her mom- dammit, their mom read it. I'm trying, baby."

"I know, mom," I said as I gave her a gentle pat on the head. "I know."

"Well, what's it about?"

"It's a love story that doesn't seem like it will have a happy ending," she answered as she stomped back to her seat.

"It will have a happy ending, just not the kind you're thinking of," I defended. "Trust me, though, you'll love it."

"Love what?" Sky questioned as he entered the living room from the basement.

"Spencer's book," Bridget replied. "Have you read it?"

"I wish," he scoffed. "I can't read it until they finish writing it."

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