the meet and greet, part 21.

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{Savannah's point of view}

"Girl- girlfriend?" I asked shy.

"Yes, girlfriend."
Shawn said with a big smile on his face.

"Shawn... I want to be your girlfriend and I am ready, but we can't take things fast. I don't like the idea of rushing things, especially because this will be my first relationship."

"Of course we won't take things fast. I don't want to rush things either. I want to enjoy this, every second with you."

I looked in Shawn's brown eyes, one lazy eye. His lazy eye is so cute, it's makes him even more special.

"So, Savannah. I'm going to ask it again. Will you be my girlfriend?"

"Yes, Shawn."
He immediately put one arm on my waist, the other on my cheek and kissed me. Shawn treats me like a princess. I feel so special when I'm with him. He is gentle, kind, caring, sweet, funny, honest and a lot more! I'm happy that he's now mine. But out of nowhere, someone called Shawn.

"Sorry, Anna." Shawn said.

"It's okay, pick up!" I said.

"Hello? Okay, I'm coming. What? In ten?"
Shawn looked a bit disappointed.

"Where are you going, Shawn?"

"I'm sorry beautiful, I have to go. My plane is leaving in two hours so I need to go to the airport."

"Already? You've been here for fifteen minutes."

"Sorry Ann- wait!"
A very big smiled appeared on Shawn's face. It was his 'I have an idea' face.

"What's your idea, Mendes?"

"Today is Friday, you still have two days off."

"No, no, Shawn. I need to do my homework!"

"You can do it on the plane."

"We can't be seen together in public yet!"

"What if I have a private jet for today?"

"You have a private jet?"

"Yes, only for today because there wasn't a flight for now. So, I had to get a private flight."

"You came here especially for me? To thank me for the clip and ask me to be your girlfriend?"

"Technically, yes."

"Oh my gosh! You're so sweet."
I felt my heart glowing and I couldn't stop smiling.

"So, you want to come?"

"Of course I want to! But, I need to pack my stuff."

"We don't have time, we'll fix something there."
I wrote a note for my mom and left it on the counter. I quickly took my laptop and passport with me and we walked out of my house. The taxi was already outside.

When we arrived at the airport, we boarded and got in the plane. We didn't have any baggage, which saved us a lot of time.

"I can't believe you just flew to Amsterdam! Why would you do that?"

"Because I like you, and because I can."

"You're too sweet!"

"And so are you!"

I put my head on Shawn's shoulder and he put his hand on my knee. We both fell asleep.

"We arrived in Milan!"
Shawn woke me up and we got out of the plane.

When we walked through the airport, people started to notice us. They got their phones and took pictures. Shawn and I tried to ignore them, but there were too many people.

"Shawn, should we do something? We can't let them keep taking photos."

"Go to the toilet, I'll call Jake."
I did what Shawn said and walked to the toilet. I stayed in the toilet checking my phone. Shawn texted me that I could come and I walked back.

Suddenly, a group of girls were walking towards us. They all looked really angry.

"Hey you! Yes, you!" They looked at me.
"What are you doing with our boy?"

"Me? Nothing." I said.

"Oh, you sure are. You're a slut, who only wants Shawn for his money!"

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