the meet and greet, part 14.

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{Shawn's point of view}

The day went by really fast. Savannah and I messed around a little and ate a lot of food. There was a random bottle of mustard, and she was so impressed by the amount of mustard that I ate! I can never forget that smile.

The second show in Amsterdam began and I could see Savannah peeking through the side of the stage. She stood there the whole time, sometimes she distracted me! I never get distracted, because I really love performing and I'm so happy that I can do it for a living. But she made me weak, I could see her singing her heart out to every song, it made me so happy.

{Savannah's point of view}

I'm so happy that I could see Shawn performing for the second time this weekend, I never get enough of his music. It helped me through a lot and seeing him there, on the stage, singing that song in front of me, made me want to go up to him and hug him. But I couldn't. There were more than 17,000 people in the crowd, and it would be all over the news if a random girl came from the backstage to hug Shawn. I don't even want to think about it.

At some point of the night, people started pointing at the side of the stage. The side where I stood. More people started to notice me and I got really nervous. I quickly walked away, step by step I could hear more screaming. Andrew noticed it too and walked towards me.

"Hey, maybe it's a better idea if you stay here. I don't think you want to be noticed. People could take pictures and look you up. Nowadays, stalking people is really easy. I'm so sorry Savannah."

"It's okay Andrew, really. I totally get it. You know what? Maybe it's a better idea if I go home now, because people can recognize me. And I've also got school tomorrow."

"Are you sure? I mean-"

"It's okay Andrew, don't worry."

I walked to Shawn's dressing room and left a little note for him:
'Dear Shawn,
Thank you so much for today. I really enjoyed it! I hope to see you soon, good luck with the rest of your tour.
-xxx- Anna'

I left the note on the vanity and went outside. I searched for the closest bus stop. When I got home, my mom was still awake.

"Hi honey, how was it?"

"Amazing, I'm going to bed now. School starts early tomorrow."

"Okay, good night."

The next three weeks were really boring, it was full of school and homework. But the best parts of the day were texting, calling or FaceTiming Shawn. We kept in touch and got closer every day.

"So, you're ready for school?"
Shawn asked on the phone, while I got ready for school.

"No, how can you ever be ready for school?"

"Never. Luckily it's Friday."

"True, how is Germany?"

"Yesterday's show was amazing! The crowd went wild. But it's very calming here, lots of nature. So I'm happy that I have three days off. Really going to enjoy these my little vacation."

"I got to go, bye Shawn!"

"Bye Anna, good luck!"

School was school, it sucked. And today wasn't the best day. Two teachers were pissed at me and gave me extra work, for sneezing and putting my hair in a ponytail! Some teachers are ridiculous.

When I got home I made some food in the kitchen and sat on the couch. The television was broken, so I watched a YouTube video. Suddenly, I heard someone.

"Hello." A creepy voice said.

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