the meet and greet, part 20.

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{Shawn's point of view}

"Hi, Anna."

"Omg, what are you doing here? You're supposed to be in Italy!"

"So you don't want me to be here? Okay, guess I'll give this bouquet of roses and teddy bear to another girl."
I joked around.

"No, Shawn. That's not what I mean! But, you have a show tomorrow."

"Tomorrow means that I have enough time to come here now and give this to you. Thanks for shooting with me."

"Gosh, you're so sweet!"
Savannah put her hands on my face and kissed me. I wanted to wrap my arms around her, but I was holding the bear and flowers.

"Anna?" I said, after she let go of me

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"Anna?" I said, after she let go of me.

"Yes?" She said with the most beautiful smile.
I put the teddy bear and the bouquet of roses on the ground. I stood back up and grabbed her hands.

"Savannah, you've made me really happy these past months. We've hung out a couple of times, called, texted, shot a videoclip together, but most importantly, smiled. When I am with you, you always make me smile. Our conversations are more serious from time to time, but we always manage to comfort each other. I am very happy that you opened up to me about your past an-"

"Shawn, wait. I haven't told you everything. I was scared, I still am." She sighed. "Where do I start?"

"Where you want to."
I tried to calm Savannah down and comfort her.

"I got bullied... But when I moved back to Holland, I bullied people. I was depressed, because of what my dad did to me. The only way to make myself feel better, was to make other people feel bad about themselves, it was my only was out. The thought that their dad didn't do what my dad did to me, was killing me. My depression got worse, at the point where I didn't want to live anymore. I couldn't tell Vanessa about it, but she knew something was going on. She saw me bully people and eventually she went to my mom. My mom talked to me about it and got help. Then, I discovered your music. I loved it! It helped me through that time and I am so thankful for what you did. And the reason why I think that I don't deserve this, is simply because I bullied people. I know how it is to get bullied, it's something that will never leave you. Now, you will get a bad reputation because of me and I don't want you to get a bad reputation because of me."

"Why do you think that I will get a bad reputation because of you?"

"You will get a bad reputation because the people who I bullied, will comment about it. Their comments will get likes, and all your fans will read it. They will hate me and think that I'm a bad influence."

"No, no, no. That's not true! You aren't a bad influence at all! You've only made me happier. And things that happened in the past, stay there. I will never chase you because of the mistakes you made back in the days. I mean, they weren't good choices, but we were both young and stupid. Now, we've both grown up."
There was a long silence between the both of us.

"Thank you, Shawn. Thank you for accepting me, and for accepting my past."

"Savannah, I need to progress everything that you just told me, but that's something for later."
I looked in her eyes and continued talking.

"Anna, I came here to ask you something and I am not changing my mind right now. I am going to accept who you are and what you've done. But for now, I like you, really much. So... will you be my girlfriend?"

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