the meet and greet, part 27.

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{Savannah's point of view}

"Justin? Oh my gosh!" I ran to my brother and gave him a hug.

"I missed you, sis." Justin said.

"I missed you too, Justin Bieber. I totally forgot that you live here. Wait- How do you know that I'm here?"

"First of all, don't call me Justin Bieber! My name's Justin Clark. And maybe your boyfriend contacted me." He pointed at Shawn.

"What? But, how?"

"You should ask him, but not now. How are you? How's school?"

Justin and I talked about everything that he missed and we slowly walked back to our seats, where Shawn was.

"Hi Justin, I'm Shawn." Shawn shook his hands with Justin.

"Hey Shawn, nice to meet you!"

We all sat down and talked. After a while, the show started and people performed their songs and won awards. Eventually Shawn had to perform too.

'Oh, I've been shaking
I love it when you go crazy
You take all my inhibitions
Baby, there's nothing holding me back
You take me places that tear up my reputation
Manipulate my decisions
Baby, there's nothing holding me back'

"And the MTV EMA award for 'best artist' goes to... Shawn Mendes!"

Shawn looked really happy and the first thing he did was give me a kiss. Then, he turned around to Andrew and he hugged him. Shawn walked to the stage and accepted the award.

"Wow, thank you guys! Thanks to my fans for voting and to my team for always being there for me. I also want to thank my girlfriend, who is here with me today. She's been amazing these past months and I couldn't be happier. Thank you!"

"He really likes you, huh?" Justin asked.

"I guess he does." I smiled.

"Sav, I like him. I am your brother and of course after what happened with dad, I want to protect you, but I can see that he's a good guy."

"Yes, he definitely is. But I need to tell you something later." I thought of dad. How I saw him in that restaurant, and how he went to the hotel.

After the show, Justin joined us and we went to the hotel. We talked during the whole car ride and it was really fun!

"So Sav, what do you want to tell me?" Justin asked when we were in the hotel room.

"Justin, I- I saw dad."

"Dad?" He asked confused.

"Yes. Shawn and I were in Milan, and we went to a restaurant. When we wanted to order, I heard a familiar voice, I turned around and it was dad. Then, he somehow got in the hotel where we were staying and tried to apologize. He got angry and even called out Shawn for being a rapis-"

"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry Sav." Justin gave me a hug and I put my head on his shoulder. His arms around me felt safe, it was different from Shawn's arms.

"From the whole freaking world, you met him? I can't believe it." Justin said angry.

"Justin, don't be mad. We couldn't do anything about it. I haven't seen him since, so don't worry."

"Don't worry? Savannah, you saw dad! How can I not worry? I'm your brother, it's my job to protect you and I couldn't! Do you know how that feels?"

"Justin, it's okay man. I was there, I sent him away and he never came back. I know what happened and I wouldn't let him touch Savannah. If he did, I would've punched him."

"Justin, please, calm down." I said worried.

Justin took some deep breaths and calmed down.

"Okay. Thank you, Shawn, for protecting my sister. That man was awful and I'm glad you guys didn't see him after that."

"Me too." Shawn said.

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