the meet and greet, part 40.

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{Savannah's point of view}

"They are here!" I heard a deep voice say. The sound of footsteps came closer and then two people were standing in front of us.

"Hi Savannah!" Karen, Shawn's mom, said excitedly.

"Hi mrs Mendes!" I walked closer to her and shook her hand.

"Call me Karen, sweetie. And you can call him Manuel."

"I will." I smiled and turned around to Shawn's dad.

"Hi Manuel!"

"Hello Savannah. It's nice to meet you!"

"It's nice to meet you too."

"Where's Aaliyah?" Shawn asked, while hugging his mom.


"I'm here!" Aaliyah yelled, as she ran from the stairs, right into Shawn's open arms. He pressed his lips against her head and a big smile appeared on Aaliyah's face. Their bond is so strong and precious, it's so cute to see.

"Hi Savannah! It's great to finally see you, Shawn has told me a lot about you." She looked at him and chuckled.

"I don't know if that's good or bad." I joked.

"A little bit of both." Shawn answered for Aaliyah before she could even say one word.

We all walked to the living room that was filled with Christmas decorations. From little coloured lights hanging on every wall, to socks above the fireplace. There was a big Christmas tree in the corner, with a lot of presents under it.

"This is so pretty!" I said, still looking at every detail.

"Shawn wanted us to decorate our house a little extra than normal." Aaliyah winked.


"Yep. That's our Shawn, always wanting to impress people." Manuel said.

"Would you like some hot chocolate?" Karen interrupted.

"That would be lovely."
We all sat down on the couch and drank a mug full of hot chocolate with marshmallows. They got to know me better and I got to know them better. Luckily, nobody asked questions about my dad. They did ask about my mom, so I told them everything about the accident.

"Have you thought about what you wanted to do after you finish high school?" Aaliyah asked.

"I want to go to university, but I'm not sure where. Maybe here in Toronto, or just close to home. I don't want to leave my mom, but going to school in another country would be amazing! It's still something that I need to think about."

"I know that I'm not your mom, but trust me when I say that she would want you to do what you want. It may be difficult and you have to get used to it, but she wants you to be happy." Karen said, putting an arm around me and pulling me closer to her. "It was hard when Shawn left home to tour, but it made him happy."

"I remember that I used to call you guys every hour! I really missed my family and friends in the beginning." Shawn laughed and almost spilt his hot chocolate on his little sister.

"Watch out, asshole!" Aaliyah shouted.


"Sorry dad."

"Yeah, watch your language butthole. You can't call me an asshole." Shawn yelled at his sister.

"Like butthole is better than asshole." Aaliyah replied, rolling her eyes.

"And this is our crazy family." Karen sighed, as we were watching Shawn, Aaliyah and Manuel fighting over a few marshmallows, her arm still around me and my head on her shoulder.

"I can't believe I fell for him." I laughed.


"Are we expecting someone, honey?" Manuel asked in confusion and looked at his wife.

"Not that I know." She answered.

"I do." Shawn smirked, pulling me up from the couch towards the hall. "Open the door for a surprise, baby."

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November 16th, 2018

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