the meet and greet, part 12.

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{Shawn's point of view}

She never had a boyfriend? How can someone so beautiful never had a boyfriend before?

"No, the only boys in my life were my dad and twin brother Justin. Justin lives in London, he wants to be a pilot. And even though we don't live in the same country, we're still very close." She said, playing with her fingers.

"That's nice to hear, I have a very close bond with my sister too."

"Here is your food kids!" Adam practically yelled, putting the two plates in front of us. 

"Thanks Adam." Savannah said.

We ate our sandwiches and talked the whole time. Savannah and I couldn't stop talking. Normally, my management tells me that I can't tell everything about my life. But something tells me that everything is safe with her.

{Savannah's point of view}

Shawn and I had a great time and talked about everything! There wasn't even one moment when we were quiet, only if we both took a bite of our sandwiches. I trusted him 100%, but I didn't tell him about my whole situation with my dad. That's for later.

"Shawn, shouldn't we go? It's almost three."

"Shit, I totally forgot. Time flies by when you're enjoying it." He said and paid for our food. We got back in the car and drove to the arena. It was a half an hour drive from the cafe. On the way, we talked more.

"So you learn English, Dutch, French, German, Latin and Greek at school? And you like to write stories?"
Shawn asked curiously.

"Yes, I don't write very often, but I really enjoy it."

"In which language?" He grinned.

"English or Dutch."

"Maybe we can write some songs one day." He looked at me with a lot of excitement and smiled.

"Wow, that would be so awesome!"

The half an hour drive went by really fast. Andrew was already standing at the backstage entrance when we arrived.

"Hi Shawn! You're on time for once." He joked.

"Seriously Andrew? I'm always on time!" Shawn argued.

"Hi Savannah, glad that you are here too. How are you?"

"Hey Andrew! I'm great, how are you?"

"Great, thanks for asking!" He said and directed us towards the dressing rooms.

"Come, Anna. Let's go." Shawn took my hand and led me to the dressing room. Luckily, nobody saw us, especially with Shawn holding my hand.

We got at his dressing room, there was a cute couch and a huge television!

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We got at his dressing room, there was a cute couch and a huge television!

"Have you ever watched Harry Potter?" Shawn asked, one eyebrow raised.

"Nope." I said shamelessly.

"What?! Do you want to watch one Harry Potter film now?"

"Yes, let's watch one! I trust you, so if it's boring, I will throw tomatoes on stage tonight!" I giggled.

"You better not, Anna."

His nickname for me was Anna from Frozen, she is his favourite Disney princess. Shawn says that she is friendly, pretty, full of joy, loyal, kind and a lot more. He says that I remind him of Anna.

"Which part do you wanna watch?" Shawn asked, holding all the Harry Potter movies in his hand.

"I have no idea Harry Potter dork, you choose!"

"Hey, hey, don't call me dork!" He pouted.

"But you are!" I laughed out loud.

"No comment." Shawn looked at me with an angry, but cute, expression. He couldn't keep a straight face, so after just two seconds, he burst into laughter.

"HA! Told you."

He jumped on the couch and sat next to me. In the beginning it was a bit awkward, but after a while everything was fine. He even put his arm around me!

"Hey, Anna look at me."

I turned my head and looked straight into Shawn's hazel eyes. He brushed the messy hairs on my face away and put his right hand on my now red cheek. Then, he leaned in to kiss me.

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