the meet and greet, part 31.

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{Justin's point of view}

I got home from bringing Savannah to the airport and Shawn to the hotel where he was staying. I took some snacks from the kitchen and jumped on the couch.



"Hello, is this Justin Clark?"

"Yes, that is my name. May I ask who you are?"

"I am from the Amsterdam hospital. Your mom and sister got in a bad car accident-"

"What?!" I interrupted the woman on the phone.

"A truck on the highway hit them. They just entered the hospital, the doctors are going to check on them now. How long does it take for you to come here?"

"I'll be there as soon as possible, thank you."
I hung up and let go of my phone, it fell on the ground but I didn't care. My mom and sister got in a car accident, a bad car accident. How are they? What exactly happened?

I heard a vibrating sound coming from the ground, it was my phone. I picked it up from the ground and saw that it was Shawn, he texted me.

'Is Sav home?'
'Has she texted you?"
'Why is she not picking up?'

I read the texts and called Shawn, luckily he immediately picked up.

"Justin, finally! Have you read my texts?"

"Shawn, Savannah got in a bad car accident."

"What?! How- How is she? What kind of accident?"

"A truck hit the car, our mom was driving. They just arrived in the hospital."

{Shawn's point of view}

My heart skipped a beat when Justin said that she got in an accident. How did it happen? How is she?

"Shawn, are you still there?" Justin asked.

"Ye- yeah, I'm here." I said with a broken voice.

"I'm taking the first plane to Amsterdam, are you coming with me?"

"Yes, definitely."

"I'll be at your hotel in an hour."

I hung up and sat down on the bed. I couldn't think clearly, the only thing I thought about was Savannah. Is she going to be okay?

Justin picked me up from the hotel and we drove to the airport together

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Justin picked me up from the hotel and we drove to the airport together. The whole ride was silent, we hadn't heard any new news about them. Justin told me that he called Vanessa and that she immediately went to the hospital.

{Vanessa's point of view}

"Hey Justin! What's up?"

"Hey Vanessa. Where are you?"

"I just got home from school, I finished early. Why?"

"Can you go to the hospital as soon as you can? Mom and Sav are hospitalized. Shawn and I are taking the first plane back."

"Oh my gosh- I'm going right now, text me when you guys land."

"Will do, bye."


I couldn't believe it, my best friend and her mom had an accident. But what kind of accident? I totally forgot to ask Justin, guess that I need to find it out myself. I ran to the closest bus stop and went to the hospital.

✧ ✧ ✧

"Hi, I'm here for Savannah and Wendy Clark."

"Who are you?"

"I'm Savannah's best friend, Vanessa. Justin Clark, her brother, sent me. He's on a plane right now, on his way here."

"Savannah is in room 825, eighth floor, fifth room on the right. Her mom is in room 925, ninth floor, fifth room on the right."

"Thank you."

I got in the elevator and went to the eighth floor. When I got out, I turned right and walked to the fifth room. There she was, I could see her laying on the bed, attached to all kinds of strings and her whole body covered with bandage. I've never seen Savannah like this, she looked miserable.

"Hello, are you Savannah's doctor?"
I stopped a man wearing a long white jacket, holding some serious looking papers.

"Hello. Yes, I am Savannah's doctor, doctor Johnson."

"How is she? Are the injuries bad?"

"Well... Where should I start?" He sighed.

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