the meet and greet, part 43.

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{Shawn's point of view}

"I'm home!" Aaliyah yelled as we entered our parents' house.

"Go upstairs and do your homework. Quick, before the witch comes!"

"Shawn, I heard you!" Mom screamed from the kitchen.

"Sorry mom." I said and walked to the kitchen. While I was walking towards the kitchen, I saw my dad sitting on the couch.

"Where's Savannah?" He asked.

"Home. Why?"

"Shawn, I wanted to tell you that I can really see she loves you. Don't mess it up because-"

"Dad, I know."

"Shawn, your dad is right." My mom said as she walked to us. "Don't mess things up because of work, like you did with Lauren."

"Savannah is not like her."

"But you-"

"Can you guys please stop? I know how to treat her, she's my girlfriend."

"It's just that-" He took a deep breath. "You were so heartbroken when Lauren broke up with you, I thought that you would never be that happy again. But then, she came. Look at you, you're happy now, I don't want it to be gone. Savannah-"

"Dad, I'll always try my best for her. I want to make her as happy as she can be. I want to make up for all the happiness that she missed in her life. For all the times her world was dark and cold, for the times where she didn't see another option and wanted it to end. For everything she missed when she was lost, because her own dad raped her." My voice trembled, but everything felt better after saying all the words that were trapped in my body for so long.

"By- by her own dad?" Mom asked shocked.


"So that's why you asked us not to talk about him? We all thought that he was dead."

"Yes, that's why. She doesn't have contact with him anymore."

"Wait. Her mom is still in the hospital right?"

"She is. Justin and her mom are all she has left. And if her mom dies, then-"

"I am the only one she has left." Justin said, who entered the room.

"Let's go Justin, she's waiting at home." I wanted to go home and hold her in my arms. Tell her that everything's gonna be okay.

"Has Sav ever told you about what she wanted in life?" I asked Justin, when we were sitting in the car.

"Find love, marry, start a family, live happily ever after." He said like Savannah told him that order a million times before. "But you're not getting my permission to marry her yet."

"Wow, wow. Not now. I'm going to wait when the time is right."

"But you need to ask for my permission first, okay?"


✧ ✧ ✧

"Sav! We're home!" I screamed, but there was no response.

"Sav?" Justin yelled. "Where is she? Does she have the keys?"

"I forgot to give her the keys and I locked the door when I left, so there's no way she went outside."

"Where can she be?"

"I'm going to look in the bedroom. I'll be right back." I said and walked to the bedroom. She wasn't there, but I could hear water running from the tap. For one moment it gave me comfort, until I heard her crying. "Baby, why are you crying?" I asked, standing against the door.

"Go away, Shawn!" She screamed and I tried to open the door, but it was locked.

"Princess, open the door please."

"Break it open then." She responded, still crying, never expecting me to actually break it open. My fists slammed against the door until blood dripped from my knuckles.

"What are you doing?!" I asked shockingly when I saw her standing in front of the mirror with tears all over her face and a knife held against her wrist. "Baby, please don't do it."

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November 24th, 2018

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