the meet and greet, part 9.

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{Shawn's point of view}

Shit! My battery died, what am I going to do now? I wanted to ask Savannah to come earlier tomorrow, so that we can grab a drink. I really want to get to know her more, she was so nice and cute. I would love to get to know her more.

"Mike, do you have a charger with you? Can I please use it?" I practically begged him. I had to charge my phone now.

"Sure!" He said and handed over the charger to me. I plugged it in and quickly put my phone in the charger. When my phone turned on, I looked for Savannah in my contacts and pressed the button to call her.

She didn't pick up.

I tried it again, but again, it didn't work. So then I decided to text her.

{Savannah's point of view}

"Hi Shawn, I missed two of your calls. Sorry, I was in the shower. What's up?" I said as casual as possible. I tried to act cool, not letting him hear any of my emotions. I was disappointed that he didn't finish his question, but also curious of what he has to say.

"Hi Savannah, finally! I've been trying to call you for a while. I'm so sorry about earlier. We were texting and then my battery died." He apologized sweetly.

"Oh, that's why." I said and smiled. Something about him being sorry for his battery dying gave me a heartwarming feeling.

"I'm so sorry." He apologized for the second time. "I know, I'm such an ass and-"

"Shawn, don't worry. It's okay." I said, trying to comfort him. For some reason, he sounded really nervous.

"So, I- I wanted to ask you something. We were texting and I was typing, but then my phone died. Again, I'm so sor-"

"Shawn, please don't apologize anymore. It's okay."

"Are you sure?" He asked, his voice soft and innocent.

"Yes I'm sure, Shawn."

"Okay, then I'm going to ask you what I wanted to ask you." He giggled at his sentence. "Would you like to come earlier tomorrow? We can maybe get a drink and get to know each other better. I mean only if you want to, you don't have to. It's totally up to you." He asked nervously. The trembling in his voice sounded so cute.

"Of course, Shawn. I would love to." I said and I felt an overwhelming happy feeling.

"Wow." Was the only word that I heard from the other side of the phone. "I'm sorry, but Andrew needs me. See you tomorrow? I'll text you later if that's okay."

"Yes, definitely! Bye." I said and hung up. I immediately texted Vanessa that she had to text me, but then I realized it was already very late. So, soon I fell asleep with a big smile on my face.

✧ ✧ ✧

I woke up and felt really good. Everything felt right, nothing to worry about. Then I remembered that I texted Vanessa, she should have replied by now. Just when I wanted to see if she had already texted me, she called me. I immediately picked up and told her everything about last night.

Suddenly someone else called me, the phone number was anonymous. Who could it be?

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