the meet and greet, part 26.

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{Savannah's point of view}

"Good luck, Savannah!"

"Thank you, Camila!"

Shawn took my hand and we walked to the red carpet. All the cameras flashed on us. He put his hand on my waist and we posed in front of the cameras.

"Mind if I kiss you?" Shawn asked

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"Mind if I kiss you?" Shawn asked

"No." I giggled.
He leaned in for a kiss and again, all the cameras were flashing on us.

"Are you guys dating?" Someone asked.

"Okay, it's time to go." Shawn held my hand and we walked off the red carpet.

"You did amazing, baby!"

"Thank you, Shawn! It was really great, but without you, and without Camila's tips, I couldn't do it."

"I'm glad you liked it, Anna."

"I love you, Shawn."

"I love you too. And thank you for coming with me tonight."

"Enough, you two!" Camila said.

"Hey! Don't mind us!" Shawn said to Camila.

"Savannah, you did amazing!" Camila said excited.

"Thank you, and thanks for your tips too!"

"No problem, girl!"

"Look! Our photos are all over Instagram already!" Shawn said while looking at his phone.

"I'll leave you two to it. See you guys later!"

"Bye!" Shawn and I both said.

'They are so cute!'
'OMG! #CoupleGoals'
'So happy for them <3'
'He is dating the girl from the clip?'
'Shawn looks so happy with her!'

We were all over the media, everybody was going wild! They wanted to know more, so Shawn and I are going to do an interview in a few minutes, that Andrew arranged for us. 

"Good evening, I'm Jessica from MTV. Are you guys ready for the interview?"

"Yes." Shawn said to her.
The cameras and lights went on and they started to film us.

"Okay, first question. Shawn, who do you have with you today?"

"This is my girlfriend, Savannah."

"Hi!" I said nervously.
I never had this much attention and it was definitely something I had to get used to.

"How long have you guys known each other for?"

"We've met around eleven months ago." Shawn said.

"Where did you guys meet?"

"I met Shawn at his meet and greet in Amsterdam, for his tour. I wanted to walk inside to take a picture with him, but I was too excited and tripped over a cable that was taped to the ground. Shawn helped me up and that's how we got in touch."

"It's actually really weird, if you think about it. But I don't know what would've happened if Savannah didn't trip over that cable."

"That is definitely a really uncommon way of meeting someone!"

"It really is!" I laughed.

"How long have you guys been dating?"

"I think, uhm, eight till nine months now?" I said.

"Yeah, I think so too."

"Okay, thank you for letting me interview you. It was really fun, have a nice evening you two!"

"Thank you!" I said.

Shawn and I were both looking for Andrew, but we couldn't find him. So he texted him instead.

"I'm here, Shawn." Andrew said, two seconds after Shawn sent the text.

"Oh, there you are!"

"Hey, Savannah. How are you doing?"

"Great, actually. This is amazing, it really cannot get any better."

"Good to hear that. You guys can go to your seats. I'll be right there."

"Okay, thanks Andrew." Shawn said.

Shawn and I walked to our seats. I sat next to him and Andrew would sit next to Shawn, but there wasn't a name tag on the seat next to me.

"Baby, for who is that seat?" I pointed at the empty seat.

"Maybe you should turn around." He smiled.

I turned around and there he was, in a charming grey suit, his hair done and showing off his shiny white teeth.

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