13: Retaliation

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Hey guys! Sorry for the irregular updates, but I figured some stuff out and now SAS is one of my projects for my creative writing class! Yay! This means regular weekly updates and me not drowning in so much school work! It's a win-win!

I seriously think this chapter is one of the best I've ever written and I hope you guys love it as much as I do!♥️

I seriously think this chapter is one of the best I've ever written and I hope you guys love it as much as I do!♥️

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Fitz woke up with a groan, sliding the papers off his stomach and checking his pocket watch for the time. He'd stayed up way to late reading through papers before bed, so when he saw he was four hours late for a meeting with Sophie, he sprung out of bed. Quickly, he got dressed, combing his unruly bed-head as he brushed his teeth, but when his eyes met the mirror and he saw himself, he realized something was wrong. Sophie would've woken him up if he was late, and she wouldn't have forgotten, having such a strong memory, so the only logical reason was that something big happened. Fitz didn't even bother to rinse his mouth before heading out the door to go find Sophie.

He started to walk down the hall when he noticed her door was wide open. He waited for a moment to see if she was coming out, and hesitantly moved closer when it seemed like no one was there. "How odd," he thought to himself, "Sophie wouldn't just leave her room open like this." His eyes widened when he saw the bedding was pulled to the floor in the direction of the door as if she'd been forcefully dragged out of bed. The fabric was wrinkled in bunches as if she'd tried to use the blankets and sheets to claw her way back to the bed, and the pillows were reduced to piles of feathers. When the sparkle of something on the floor caught his eye, Fitz bent down to see what it was.

It was a rounded opal previously set in some sort of jewelry with a family crest engraved into it. A pegasus and unicorn back to back with their heads (and wings) looking towards the sky inside of a hexagon, a decorative letter H between them. Fitz wasn't sure if he should be thankful or disturbed that he knew exactly which family was the culprit for kidnapping Sophie. The Heks. He sharply inhaled as the truth hit him, and with a furrowed brow he realized that the room reeked of limbium, an herb used to make sedatives that were particularly incapacitating to telepaths as it inhibited mental power exertion, which would, for example, prevent a strong telepath from fighting back against her attackers. It stung his nose and his skin began to tingle in agitation from the chemical. Did they know? He wondered, but he pushed the question out of his mind and shoved the stone in his pocket, storming back to his room to grab his sword, ready to spill blood.

His first stop was to the Head of Guard and he barked as he walked up, "ZARINA!"

"Your highness," the female knight bowed, "what seems to be the matter?"

"My assistant has been kidnapped by the Heks. I want everyone on high alert. I want every Heks in the palace, and anyone who witnessed Sophie's kidnapping in my office immediately. I want a team of guards searching the palace with me, and I want a team of guards searching Heks manor. Other than that, no one leaves the palace grounds until Sophie is found. Understood?"

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