IOU Commission 3 - Sophitz

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An AU, not canon, not part of the plot.

Idea Credit to @_KawaiiMei_ !

Sophie was carrying Biana's mended dress across the palace, and was about to stop by Fitz's office when she heard voices inside

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Sophie was carrying Biana's mended dress across the palace, and was about to stop by Fitz's office when she heard voices inside. She was about to step away, but couldn't help but listen in when she heard Keefe say, "Dude, you're the crowned prince, you can do what you want. You need to tell her."

Fitz sighed, clearly upset, "The nobles would try to hurt her. They're clever, they'd also go after Dex and the triplets. How can we protect them at every moment so nothing happens? We can't, it's impossible, and the nobles are ruthless. What if they went after them in the night? What if they-"

Sophie jumped when she heard a loud SLAP.

"Get yourself together, man!" Keefe scolded, "Do you love her?"


"Do you love Sophie Foster?" demanded Keefe, and her heart suddenly quieted so she could hear Fitz's answer.

There was silence for a while before Fitz quietly admitted, "I do."

Sophie's heart began to flutter in her chest wildly, and her cheeks were undoubtedly glowing red. Fitz loved her? Loved?

"Then you can't let her slip through your fingers!" Keefe said in exasperation. "I made that mistake once before with a woman I loved," his voice cracked, "and I can never get her back."

"What girl?" asked Fitz.

"Lucinda," Keefe almost whispered, "I met her when we visited Triachta for a month, and I visited a few times after to see her. I thought we were on the brink of courtship, but... The last time I was there, I found out she married a nobleman from Triachta, and she's different now. She's rude instead of kind, cold instead of warm. The Lucinda I know is gone... that won't happen to Sophie, she won't stop being a good person like Lucinda did, I didn't seen how Lucinda could've soured, I was blinded by her presumed goodness from the moment I met her."

"Keefe... I'm so sorry," Fitz said sympathetically. "I had no idea..."

"It's in the past now, and I don't like to talk about it," Keefe assured him, "but from that I learned that if you don't act quickly, some other man will see how incredible she is and take her for himself. He'll sweep her away when you're not looking and it'll be too late before you know it."

Fitz didn't respond to it before he noticed, "Is the door open?"

Sophie covered her mouth to hide her gasp before running down the hall, clutching Biana's dress to her chest, smiling widely at the fact that her feelings for Fitz were reciprocated.

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