Special surprise!

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Hey guys, so I promised you a special surprise for waiting so long... and here it is!


It has extra information about my stories, fashion sketches, short stories, playlists, and eventually it'll have things like personality quizzes and Q+A's!

I'll regularly update the website, particularly the blog portion, with cool new content that people who create accounts on my website can respond to, as well as post their own! My stuff will be prominently displayed by the website because I'm the administrator, but you guys can search one another and follow each other too!

If you do decide to make an account, please be aware that it's a SAFE space, meaning no hate and no harm to or against others. Homophobia, xenophobia, racism, sexism, bullying? etc. won't be tolerated!

Because the site is new, it will have some technical problems, and if you encounter any, please contact me on social media or through the website directly!

I hope you guys enjoy ♥️♥️

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