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Reacting to ' Who Made me a Princess ? " by mxrasmith
Reacting to ' Who Made me a Prince...by S.A. Ritz
Some of the characters from the famous webcomic ' Who Made me a Princess ' were suddenly teleported into a large room to watch the future of the young princess Athanasia...
DIANA ; tom riddle by fruitoms2
DIANA ; tom riddleby fruitoms2
Diana Baudelaire; a strikingly beautiful, sharp minded Ravenclaw born of a french pureblood aristocrat family. Tom Riddle; a handsome, charming and ambitious Slytherin t...
The Two Fairies - Eng Ver ( Who Made Me A Princess Fanfiction)  by DiamondDush
The Two Fairies - Eng Ver ( Who Ma...by Diamond Dush
Athanasia was born safely, and so was her mother, Diana. Two beautiful fairies were present at Obelia to accompany the Emperor. Every day there was always something tha...
Little Witch Academia Diana x Male Reader by Deotakukids
Little Witch Academia Diana x Male...by Deotakukids
Your name is (Y/N) and you are an inventor. Your not really good at it, but determination seems to run in the family as your cousin, Akko, wants to be a witch. You go to...
CROWN PRINCESS ATHANASIA; wmmap fanfic by mimin_chan
Having been at death's door all the time in her past life, Athanasia De Alger Obelia, decides to change her fate. As she places her soft palm on her father's outstretch...
He Belongs to Her by curlynerd4ever
He Belongs to Herby CurlyNerd
That girl sobbing her heart out in the bathroom? Because of him. That badly bruised boy bleeding out on the floor of the hallway? Because of him. That locker having an...
What If? by waddlewaddles
What If?by waddlewaddles
In Lovely Princess what if Claude let Athanasia prove her innocence? If she were to survive what would happen? How would the story change? Will Athanasia be able to have...
DC Soulmate Story by The_BatCats
DC Soulmate Storyby The_BatCats
Bruce Wayne, Arthur, Barry, Clark Kent and Diana soulmate story WARNING NSFW/SCENES, and violence
DIANA by GladysTrixie
DIANAby Gladys Trixie
warning...!!! ⚠ 🔞+ . . . . 📚 Diana Humprey Bogart, hampir semua pria menggilainya. Wanita yang memiliki bentuk tubuh sempurna, namun dingin tak tersentuh. Keangkuhan y...
Yandere Seven Deadly Sins x reader by cherry-blossoms-nerd
Yandere Seven Deadly Sins x readerby NoCtUrNaL CuLt
Y/n L/n was a demon, she has known Meliodas ever since thier were born they grew up together, played together, and cried together, when he betrayed the demon clan she we...
Mafia Life (Melizabeth) by VioletteHunter
Mafia Life (Melizabeth)by Violette
The war between Goddess and Demons has finally ended. The firstborn from the demon and goddess clan must marry each other. What happens if the goddess princess goes miss...
DC Super Hero Girls | Male Reader Stories | One-Shots | Scenarios by AndrewAssassins
DC Super Hero Girls | Male Reader...by AndrewAssassins
This book is a set of stories that I think or you can request involving the dc superhero girls it can contain lemons, Oneshots, and Scenarios unlike our main Book this o...
Alpha Kaiden by stydiasbane
Alpha Kaidenby stydiasbane
Diana , an 18 year old girl , has been tortured and abused by her pack as long as she can remember because of her position as the omega of the pack. Her pack had told he...
BeyBurst Scenarios + Headcannons by LuckyValt
BeyBurst Scenarios + Headcannonsby VALT'S kinda hot
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to date your favorite boy? Read and enjoy! Here's what you'll find here! *Scenarios *(Relationship) Headcannons *Au's *SLOW...
Suddenly Angelina became an Empress(WmmapFanfic) by Everydayistoosad
Suddenly Angelina became an Empres...by Everydayistoosad
Angelina, a Latina child, dies by burning on a stake for witchcraft. However using her last bit of magic, she transports her soul into a different universe. The Univers...
I'm A Gilbert by _Bella_Salvatore_
I'm A Gilbertby Bella Salvatore
Bella Rosaleen Gilbert, twin sister of Elena Gilbert, that's how I'm known in the mundane life. In the supernatural life I'm known as a Petrova angel. One who has to ear...
Who Made Me a Princess Continuing Story 6: I Became a Father One Day by _ehnnaiehl_
Who Made Me a Princess Continuing...by iehl
*** NOT A FANFICTION *** CONTINUING STORY 6 Claude's POV of when he first encountered Athanasia until he became fond of his daughter. This is the last continuing story o...
sended a nude to Your teacher accidentally!(bts) by fantastaelephant
sended a nude to Your teacher acci...by mimie
Unexpectedly you pressed on your teachers name and sended the nude, while looking back you just realized what you did. What will happen afterwards
Pranky Love by miss_oline
Pranky Loveby Caroline
*Love Elevator's Sequel* Finally, Libby and Dom are back! She started to go to a new school. Of course, with a lot of pranks in her sleeves, both at school and at home. ...
A Thousand Years - Sokeefe Human AU by toooldforkoltc1
A Thousand Years - Sokeefe Human AUby J.R.
Sophie Foster is a normal teenager in San Francisco, and she is in college with her best friends, Biana and Fitz Vacker and Dex Diznee. Everything in her life is running...