4: Telling The Truth

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Sophie straightened the hem of her skirt again and again nervously as she waited in the parlor for everyone to arrive. Alden had insisted on Sophie finally meeting the rest of the family and them knowing about her powers, which, Sophie had no doubt would include a demonstration. Excellent. She was already nervous and this definitely was not helping her control. What if she messed up? Very badly? What terrible things would happen because of it?

"You'll be great," Fitz promised and patted her shoulder gently. He was waiting with her for everyone to arrive... including Biana, who still didn't know about Sophie's powers.

This was the scariest part for Sophie, as she was worried that Biana would feel as if though she didn't trust her because she didn't say anything about it. Yes, Sophie was listening to Alden's order, but what if Biana had her reassigned because of it? Or demoted? Or if she hated her? If she didn't trust her? Sophie didn't like any of those options.

"I'm afraid that is easier said than done," she started to brush off her sleeves anxiously when Fitz grabbed her hands and wrapped them in his own.

"If any of them dare to turn up their noses I shall have them thrown out of the palace."

"You mustn't do that! Especially if it was Biana!" fretted Sophie.

"I shall. Though if it is Biana, I shall put her on a wagon and roll her away!" declared Fitz, who thrust his fist in the air triumphantly before quickly grabbing her hand again, as if she'd hide it away from him if he let it free for too long. He continued, "However, I highly doubt that I'll be doing much throwing or rolling. I'm sure that they'll all understand and be as amazed as I am."

There was a familiar voice at the door, "What is this talk of throwing and rolling and amazement?" Sophie dropped her hands from Fitz's instantly and looked up to see Biana smiling at them, her hands under her little belly bump.

"Ah, Biana, that would ruin the surprise," Fitz chimed as he walked over to his sister, kissing her cheek affectionately.

"I'm excited and impatient and pregnant," the princess reminded him, "surprises are not my desired method of information in the least."

Fitz started to protest when Sophie interrupted, taking a deep breath, "I would like to tell her before everyone gets here."

Biana clapped her hands excitedly, "Oh really? Hooray!" she then began to shoo Fitz out hurriedly, "Go, go! You'll find out when everyone else is here."

Sophie cringed as Fitz informed his sister, "Oh, but I already know what it is."

"It was an accident!" Sophie assured her quickly, not even giving Biana a chance to react, "I didn't mean for him to find out."

"She's right," Fitz nodded, "I was lucky and nosy enough."

"You're keeping me in suspense!" Biana sat down, her smile as bright as ever.

Sophie took a deep breath and rubbed the side of her neck worriedly, pulling at her eyelashes with her other hand as her eyes suddenly dropped to the floor.


Different scenarios of Biana's reaction to what Sophie was about to tell her started to swirl through her mind, fogging reality like a mirror in a hot spring. She saw Biana's perfect face curling in anger, "You lied to me! You traitor! You lying traitor!" She then saw Biana fall over in shock. Thud. She then saw the princess's expression turn to one of horror, "Are you even an elf anymore? What are you?"

Lying traitor. Thud. What are you?
L Yin g tr ai tor. Thu D. Wha t a rE yo u?
Ly i n   g t rai to r. T H ud. W   h a  t  A  r e Y Ou?
L Y   I  n g TR ait or.   T   H    U D. w    h  aT     AR e       yo  U     ?
L   Y I   n G TRAITor. Th UD. W    HA       T ARE       Y O U ?
Sophie's shaking hands were wrapped in twin blankets of warmth gently, and she finally snapped out of her head.

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