Prologue: Girl of Unknown Origin

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Sophie wiped her brow and looked out the window for a moment, pausing her task of sweeping the northmost corridor. It was summer now, leaving the kingdom of Evertalia hot and sticky, yet somehow, the royal family adapted, managing to look elegant even though they went without their furs or their velvets. Thankfully, the season was almost over, but they were stuck smack dab in the middle of the hottest week of them all. She herself was sweating in her summer uniform, a brown, dust covered smock dress with a white apron and a matching cloth headband that held back her stray hairs. Her blond hair was braided back behind her so it would be easier to work, and she wore brown flats since she was only a housemaid instead of a stable worker or a scurry maid; meaning her job was to clean the beautiful palace of Everglen day after day.

From where she was standing, she could see the road leading to the main entrance, and couldn't help but wonder when her cousin - brother - would be home. To bring in more money for their little family, he had left his job of stable boy to be a knight, and had been sent off to fight in the war against the Ogres. It had been going on for years, but there was little hope of seeing an end any time soon. It made Sophie's heart ache at the thought of Dex being gone for so long, and not just because it was hard to keep the triplets, his younger siblings, in line. She didn't even know if he was dead or alive, because he couldn't read or write. She had tried to teach him a few times, but he was always more interested in his machines, because after all, he was a technopath. He just had Sophie teach him the alphabet, numbers, a few basic words, and how to write his name.

Most servants were illiterate, but Sophie was one of the few exceptions, though she didn't know why. She didn't remember learning how to read or to write, yet somehow, she did. Her aunt and uncle, Dex and the triplet's parents, nor her parents couldn't have taught her, because they were all illiterate, so who had? Sophie's birth parents and sister, Amy, were victim of a memory gas attack by the ogres, and, being human, lost all of their memories completely unlike they would have if they were magical beings. It was always a possibility that their village would be attacked, as all humans lived in the neutral territories where most of the war was taking place, but still, in their peaceful little heaven in the midst of all that danger, Sophie had fooled herself into thinking that they were safe. She was there when it had happened, but she had only forgotten who she was for a few hours, and had stayed in her village for days as she slowly realized that no one remembered anything. An elvin man named Mr. Forkle had found her, and broke the news to her that the village wouldn't get their memories back. He had also been the one to deduct that since she hadn't been effected as heavily by the gas and looked human, she must be an elf, meaning that the people who she had thought were her parents, weren't.

He had then taken her to be adopted by Grady and Edaline, who were animal specialists for the Heks noble family, and had lost their daughter a few years ago during a siege on the castle. Through them, Sophie had met the Dizznee's. Juline was Edaline's sister, and she worked in the fields that the Heks family owned, while her husband, Kesler, ran the local apothecary. Sophie was only ten years old then, so she couldn't work a job herself, so she helped her cousin Dex take care of his triplet siblings, the notorious triplets. She was happy there, and for a few short years, she had really felt as if she was part of the family, but it all fell apart when the war came to their village, just like it had in her last one, only this time, no one had seen it coming. The ogres getting so far into elvin land was almost unheard of, and there was a lot of bloodshed. Sophie and Dex were thirteen at the time, and had carried the one year old triplets as best they could out of their burning cottage.

She could still remember how there was fire everywhere, how she could hear the screams of her neighbors and friends as ogres plundered buildings or fought elvin soldiers. Some of the village people were even caught in the crossfire, their bodies lying limply in the streets, carelessly cast aside like uncared for trash. It scarred her, and the smell of blood seemed to be fried into her nose hairs to be reawakened every time she thought back to those times. It was hard to run with the triplets through the chaos all around them, but the two thirteen year olds did their best. The triplets screamed when they saw an ogre started to lurch towards them, and Sophie's heart froze with fear, thinking that this was the end... until a brilliant white stallion jumped between them.

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