IOU Commission 1 - Diana

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An AU, not canon, not part of the plot. Did you guys not read the IOU giveback project description or something?

If these Commissions were canon, I'd be a horrible writer the plot flow would be so off.

Hint: Title different = not part of plot.

Dex knew he was late for dinner as soon as he looked up from his papers. It was only by a couple minutes, but that didn't mean he didn't drop what he was doing, pull on his jacket, and run upstairs to the dining hall. He knew that he would arrive with everyone already there, and that Biana would whisper the question of where he was as he sat down in the seat Tam used to sit, bouncing little Phillip on her lap. She'd quietly scold him for being late, but then laugh at a joke he'd make, and everything would be normal again... If you couldn't already tell, this wasn't the first time he'd been late to dinner.

When he finally walked in the door, he quickly apologized, but was interrupted by a little voice yelling out, "DADDA!" and the room froze.

Sophie and Alden gaped at him, Fitz choked on his drink, Keefe fell out of his chair laughing at the top of his lungs, Della dropped her spoon in her soon with a smile curling at the corners of her lips, and little Phillip peered over his blushing mother's shoulder with a gleeful twinkle in his eyes. Dex wanted to crawl into a hole and die. "Dadda" was supposed to be Phillip's name for Tam, and now, one year old Phillip was using it for Dex less than a year after his true "Dadda" died. Dex, like the rest of the room, was stunned, and he couldn't move, holding his breath as his eyes settled on Biana, his blood cold with fear as his mind slogged with the wonder of how she was feeling. His heart was pounding, waiting for her to say something, anything, hoping she wasn't upset with him for, a knight, being close enough to her child to see him as his father; for him, a knight, to slowly feel a sense of accomplishment wash over him despite that as his growing feelings for the girl fluttered in the pit of his stomach as a light of hope in the darkness of fear.

"DADDA!" Phillip reached out to Dex, wiggling over Biana's shoulder to get a better look at the bewildered knight.

When Biana met his eyes and gave him a slight nod, Dex slowly came forward and gently lifted Phillip out of Biana's arms. "Hey Pip," he whispered to the baby quietly, "what's up bud?"

"Dadda!" Phillip cooed happily, hugging Dex clumsily.

"Pip, I'm not-" he began to say quietly, but Biana cut him off,

"It's okay, Dex," she whispered, her cheeks red and her eyes hopeful, "we'll switch him to calling you something else when he can say more things. Something like Papa, so it's different."

Dex's heart skipped a beat and he looked at Biana with wonder as a sense of pride gurgled up pleasantly from his toes as he tried to smoothly sit down... let's just say it wasn't so smooth, but the baby was safe, so, you know, not all that terrible. Everyone looked at him silently, their faces virtually unreadable, and he smiled nervously as Alden cleared his throat, meeting Dex's eyes as he raised his glass, and Dex knew the king had just given him the "okay." Dex relaxed, and the night went on as normal: the fine dining, pleasant conversations, and his secret glances at Biana when she wasn't looking, but when Dex found his eyes meeting Biana's, he knew in that moment that something changed between them. It was quiet and small, but something nonetheless.

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