12: A Lasting Impression

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Sophie couldn't help but be nervous as she smoothed the folds of her dress, the sun outside the window climbing in the sky. Today was the day that Dex was going to formally meet Princess Biana and she couldn't help but be worried. Sophie hadn't talked to Dex about his opinion on the royal family, but she suspected that he still didn't like them from the fact that whenever Sophie mentioned Fitz, Dex tried to change the subject or kept quiet as if he hoped that if he didn't talk, she'd move on to some other topic. When she brought up Biana, Dex didn't seem so annoyed, but that did little to ease Sophie's worries.

She knew that Dex wouldn't say anything rude to the princess, but would he be cold? Would he be snappish? Would he try to leave early? Sophie couldn't say. She didn't really know what to expect from Dex today, because even though they were close, a lot changed in those three years when he was gone. Did his negative feelings for the royal family disappear or grow because of the war?

When the triplets started to stir, she knew that she would find out sooner or later. Quietly, she shook them awake, trying to avoid disturbing Dex, and had them climb out of bed. She had the triplets wash their faces and brush their teeth before getting dressed. The whole process took about twenty minutes, but when the triplets were ready, Sophie went and knocked on Keefe's door.

It took about a dozen times, but eventually he opened the door with a groggy smile, his shirt half undone, his pants on backwards, half-dried drool trailing up his cheek, faded writing in ink on his forehead, and his belt done around his waist overtop his pants loosely, no jerkin or coat in sight. "Ready for triplet duty," yawned Keefe, "bright n' early like I promised."

Sophie giggled quietly, "Up late writing again?"

Keefe smiled at her, surprised, "How did you know?"

"I can see some of it on your forehead," she pointed, "and your drool is going up your face instead of down, meaning you fell asleep at the quill, woke up when I knocked, and hastily threw on your clothes for today."

He grinned sheepishly, "What can I say? I am quite a prolific writer."

"What are you working on so late every night?"

"It's a lot of paperwork, but sometimes I work on a faithful account of my career at the palace and of the important happenings during my time here. It has pictures and everything. You're in it, you know," he said proudly.

"Oh really? A nobody servant girl has made it into your 'most important events in the palace' diary?" she teased.

"No, a nobody servant girl with incredible telepathic abilities has made it into my 'most important events in the palace' diary," corrected Keefe shrewdly, a smug smile tugging at the corners of his lips tiredly.

"Pardon my elvish," joked Sophie, "I seem to have forgotten about that part."

"Fitz certainly hasn't," Keefe grumbled under his breath.

"What was that?" Sophie raised a questioning eyebrow.

"Uh... nothing, apologizes," he said dumbly, but Sophie let it go and instead decided to focus on a more important manner.

She began to button up the rest of his shirt, "At least try to dress more decently, I'm afraid you'll scar the children if they see you like this."

"What?!" Keefe pretended to be offended, "I think the drool is endearing and that the loose belt will be the next big trend in the palace. I can wear anything well."

"That you can, but that does not mean that it is not atrocious to look at. My very soul is averse to the fashion statement you are making at the moment," laughed Sophie.

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