8 (pt.1): The Savages' Feast

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Poll: What gender do you think Biana's baby is?

Poll: What gender do you think Biana's baby is?

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Sophie anxiously pulled open the dresser. There were only a few more hours before her first masquerade ball and now she was getting ready with the princess of Evertalia. It was exciting but also a little scary. Biana said that the court was full of savages, and Sophie wasn't sure if she was equipped to go against them yet. She was already going to stick out. This was her first fancy ball where she wasn't serving, she would be wearing a dress that was worth more money than anything she'd ever worn before, she would be scrutinized constantly, and she would be around people who only pretended to like her.  She wasn't scared at all. Biana promised she would never be alone with any of the court, and Sophie was counting on that.

She carefully took out Biana's dress and mask as Biana took out jewelry from her jewelry box, not even having to look at Sophie to know to ask, "Nervous, aren't you?"

"What gave it away?"

"You're more hesitant than usual. You're usually in more of a hurry."

"Well, we are starting earlier this time."

"So we can get ready together!" Biana reminded her with a smile.

Sophie didn't say until she set everything out neatly, "Okay, you ready to start?"

Biana nodded, and they set to work. Sophie assisted the princess as she took off her dress and shuck off her day-to-day petticoats and replace them with her evening ones. They then carefully pulled the dress over Biana's head and Sophie carefully buttoned the back of the dress up.

"Are you nervous?" asked Biana, "I remember being nervous at my first ball."

"Your coming out ball*," Sophie nodded, "I remember that happening."

"I was very excited. It was the first time I'd meet young men of the court with the intention of finding a suitor in one of them, but I was nervous as well. I was nervous about making a mistake in front of the court and ruining the first impression," the princess laughed a little. "I made it through, and I actually met Tam there. I danced two sets** with him and it only took that long for me to know he was the one. However, we didn't start courting until a month after and we didn't get married until a few years ago."

"I was serving ripplepuffs at your wedding, actually," Sophie remarked.

Biana turned around right when Sophie finished the last button, "Really?! But you've never been a kitchen maid."

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