2: A Knight's Oath

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Silence was never so somber. The world hung heavy around Evertalia in a dark, dull gray cloud. It weighed on every shoulder of every citizen, and the pain from it brought every royal to their knees in grief. Lord Tam Song was not only a man of noble birth, but a man of noble heart. Any soldier or servant could attest to his goodness and kind disposition, and even the nobles, who were people of few genuinely pleasant words, could speak highly of him. However, even with all these good thoughts of her husband, Biana knew that behind her back, everyone was really talking about her. The poor girl, they'd say, so young to be widowed, so young to do this alone.

What a tragedy of youth, they'd continue, how could anyone love again? How could anyone deal with the loneliness? With the knowledge their child will never know its father, that their child will forever remind them of the love they lost? Those echoing words were the reason why Biana stayed hidden in her bedroom, planning to only leave for the funeral.

She sat on the edge of her bed, her hands resting on the top of her rounding stomach, already dressed in her mourning gown. She only had a few months left in her pregnancy, and before recently, she never would've guessed in a thousand years that she would have to spend them alone. Yes, she had her family and Sophie, but no one could feel the pain and aching loss that she did not only as a wife, but as a mother-to-be as well. Not even her son, Phillip Tamerin Song, would be able to understand her loss... but even so, he was the reason why Biana bothered to wake up in the morning and face yet another day without the love of her life.

As she stared into space, Biana day dreamed about the first time she met Tam. It was her coming out ball, and she danced with various gentlemen of the court for hours, but she never payed them much attention, she was only looking at the handsome gentleman standing by the windows, holding a full flute of champagne. He was a man of class, though behind his back, the court whispered of his rebellious nature and looming darkness because of his silver-tipped bangs and ability to bend darkness at will. However, Biana knew there was light inside of him, for he was also one of Fitz's childhood friends, and she'd seen him laugh so hard he spit his water all over Keefe on more than one occasion.

He'd been avoiding her gaze all evening, she could tell, but eventually, Keefe managed to drag him over and push him in front of Biana just as the next song started. His pale cheeks were alive with a red blush, and his eyes twinkled with wonder, fear, and curiosity in the candlelight. He bowed quickly, "Pardon me, your highness, I-"

Biana cut him off, "Please, Lord Tam, would you care to dance with me?"

Tam gaped at her for a moment before offering her his hand, a gesture that would start a fairytale romance that would be told for generations to come. A love right out of romantic scripts and poetry, a love so true and pure that it was undeniable. In that one gesture, something clicked in the back of Biana's mind and she realized that this was the man she was going to marry. The man she thought she would spend the rest of her life with.

The door of her bedroom cracked open and Biana barely glanced up to see who it was through her dark green mourning veil for a moment, but her head snapped up when she saw who it was.

"It-it's you," she breathed in wonder, tears trickling down her face.

"Are you alright?" asked Tam as she lifted her veil to look at him. She took in his angular features and soft blue eyes with a look of love, trying to drown herself in the sight to promise herself it was real.

"But you were gone," she wiped her eyes, her lip quivering with her words. "I-I saw you..."

Tam seemed confused, "Yes, but I'm back now. Your highness, are you sure you're alright? Should I call someone?"

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