Sovereignty and Servitude

Sovereignty and Servitude

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F.J. Maude By florencemaude Updated Jun 07

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At last! The Elvin Kingdom of Evertalia as crowned a new King! King Fitzroy Avery Vacker I is a kind, and fair king, who, like his predecessors, has done nothing but good for the kingdom! However, no king is perfect without a queen by his side. AHis sister, Princess Biana, is already married, and with child, to Sir Tam of Swan. Everyone expects for him to marry Lady Linh of Swan, but alas, he only sees her as a friend. Our dear king would like to be just as happy as they are with a fair and lovely Maiden. His search has already begun!
Sophie Diznee is a hand maid at the palace of Evertalia, and has no other family other than her cousin, Dex Diznee, and his three younger siblings, the triplets. Dex works at the palace as a guard, and leaves the triplets in the palace nursery for servant children. Dex, the triplets, and Sophie pretend that Sophie isn't a cousin, but instead, their sister,  so they don't get separated. Together, they all live in one room in the servant's quarters.

Dex despises the monarchy, thinking that they are the ones who killed his parents, and often gets into disputes with Sophie, who believes that the monarchy is good, and that they would never hurt their people. 
What will happen when Sophie gets promoted to Princess Biana's personal hand maid?
What will happen when a dragon attacks the castle?
What will happen when King Fitzroy meets Sophie for the first time!

Find out!