1: A Charming Introduction

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(A fortnight after Sophie had become Biana's handmaiden)

Fitz couldn't find Biana and wandered around the palace until he found himself in front of her door. He knocked, and the door swung open, revealing a young woman with blonde hair using telekinesis to clean his sister's room, a dozen different brushes scrubbing at the floor while feather dusters dusted the different surfaces, and different objects were being lifted into the air. He watched with awe for a moment as she worked, her face set in concentration. He had never seen anyone be so skillful in telekinesis, not even his own father.

When she noticed he was there, watching, she gasped, and he recognized that it was Sophie Dizznee, the oldest girl his father had saved years ago, and the maid who cleaned his father's office twice a week, meaning Fitz wasn't allowed to grab books from there while she was cleaning... so what was she doing here, in Biana's room? Sophie stuttered an apology, and stepped back to curtsy, but her foot caught on the handle of a metal bucket, causing her to come crashing to the ground. The bucket spilled everywhere, but specifically on Sophie's uniform. Fitz was worried that when she fell, everything else would come crashing down as well, but it all stayed in place, to Fitz's astonishment.

Once he absorbed the fact that Sophie had impressive skill in telekinesis, he remembered that she had fallen, and rushed over to her side, trying to be careful to not slip on the soap. He knelt down next to her, not caring that the knees of his pants would get wet, and carefully helped her sit up, "Are you alright Sophie? That was quite the fall."

She quickly got up and curtsied deeply, successfully this time, "I'm so sorry, your majesty. I'll finish up here and be out of your hair, then I'll ask for Bertia to grab a new cape and pair of pants for you, since they're soaked now." Sophie then picked up a duster and started dusting the book case hurriedly, something frantic in the way she cleaned.

"It's alright," he assured her, and stood up, "and you needn't bother, I can get those myself as for you, I suggest you do the same and change." He gestured to her dripping dress.

Sophie shook her head, and continued what she was doing, "Thank you, but I mustn't stop, your highness. What if Princess Biana were to return and slip? That would be very bad, very bad indeed."

He hated to admit it, but she was right... though he didn't like the idea of her cleaning the rest of the room when so drenched when the temperature was swiftly going down, as it did every year in Evertalia. After a moment of reflection, Fitz removed his cloak, hanging it on the door, and rolled up the sleeves of his tunic. He then grabbed the nearby mop and started to dry the floor. When Sophie realized he was cleaning with her, she was horrified.

"Y-y-your majesty? What are you doing?"

"I believe this is how you mop, is it not?" He joked, and squeezed the water from the mop into the bucket.

Sophie didn't laugh at his joke, which disappointed him a little, as it was one of his better ones, "Yes, your highness, you are correct, but with all due respect, sir, someone of your elevated status should not be cleaning." She said the last word as if it were something dirty, which, on further reflection, made sense, as it was a dirty job.

"And I would rather you not freeze into that dress. There will be no stopping me, Sophie, I assure you," he placed his hand over his heart, and gave her a dashing smile, hoping to win her over to his side.

Sophie frowned instead, "All due respect, sir, but I do not approve of this, and I hardly think your father-"

"Would accept me at the dinner table tonight if he heard that I didn't help you," Fitz finished for her. "If you are so against me helping you clean," he put the same emphasis on the word as she had previously, "then you may want to use your amazing telekinetic skills again. It was simply marvelous before I so rudely interrupted."

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