8 (pt.2): In The Belly of The Beast

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You guys better flip flapin jack be happy. This chapter is almost 8k

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Chapter eight counts as one chapter because even though it's so ******* long, I started writing it as one chapter.

They were only a few steps down the hall when Keefe said, "I can tell you're nervous, you know

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They were only a few steps down the hall when Keefe said, "I can tell you're nervous, you know. I could feel it all the way down the hall as I came to get you."

"Don't empaths usually have to touch people in order to do that?"

"Yes, but your emotions are particularly strong so as that I don't need to be in physical contact with you in order to know what you're feeling," he explained, "though, I believe that it is just me. I am one of the only empaths in the palace and I haven't heard anything from any of the others so far."

Sophie nodded, though she found it strange that someone could tell what she was feeling to such a level. How could that be?

She didn't bother to dwell on it and changed the subject, "What odd handkerchief are you carrying today?"

"Pegasai," Keefe pulled it out of his side pocket for her to see, and she smiled at the cute little pegasai stitched into the soft purple fabric.

"Why is it not in your breast pocket?" she asked in confusion.

"One does not carry handkerchiefs in their breast pocket for an event as grand as a ball. Only flowers or simply air may rest in the breast pocket during such an elegant event."

She thought this over for a moment before taking one of her flowers out of her hair.

"What are you doing?" he asked in confusion as she stopped him in the middle of the hallway.

Carefully, she grabbed ahold of his jacket collar and gingerly slid the stem of the flower into the pocket.

She looked up at Keefe as he smiled, "You are rather bold, Foster."

"I shall take that as 'thank you for the flower, Sophie'."

"You know me so well," he chuckled and gave her back his arm before they continued down to the ballroom.

They stood in front of the two, tall, grand doors for a moment, and before they went in, Keefe said, "If it helps, those doors never get less intimidating."

"Ah, excellent. So I shall be intimidated by these two slabs of wood every time I am to attend a ball?"

"Pretty much," admitted Keefe as he rested his hand over hers, "but if you are so bold as to slide a little flower into my pocket, then I believe you will survive your first ball."

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