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An AU, not canon, not part of the plot

Because I royally screwed up with keeping track of who submitted what, I wanted to do something special for @_KawaiiMei_  , whose idea submission was voted for the Sophitz category, to apologize for my screw up. She chose the ship, but I chose the topic... and I have no doubt that she, and everyone else, will like it :) Sorry again, @_KawaiiMei_ , and thank you for your submission! Enjoy this bonus AU chapter :)

 and I have no doubt that she, and everyone else, will like it :) Sorry again, @_KawaiiMei_ , and thank you for your submission! Enjoy this bonus AU chapter :)

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Fitz fiddled with the opal ring in his pocket nervously. He and Sophie had been courting for some time now, and with his coronation coming up, he wanted to be able to call her his queen. He didn't really know how to propose to her, and struggled to find the right moment several times until finally, he decided that the only way to catch her alone was to meet her at Moonglade in the dead of night so there was no possible way for her to be drawn away from him by someone needing her help.

The moon hung overhead, and the stars twinkled reassuringly as Fitz waited with Clyde next to a willow tree, watching as Sophie descended down from the sky on Silveny's back. As she dismounted, she smiled at him brightly, and he could see her charm tingling on her lips, "To what do I owe the pleasure of such an occasion?"

"I have a present for you. I've been trying to find a way to give it to you, but I've never been able to hold your attention for long at the palace. So many people need you, and now that I am to be king, I will need you more than ever, so I decided to selfishly ask you to be my aid, my conscious, and to hold something very important to me," his palms were sweaty, and even though he knew she'd say yes, he couldn't help but be nervous as he looked down into her honey-brown eyes.

"Of course," she cupped his cheeks in her callused hands, "what do you need me to take care of for you?"

"My heart," he replied quietly, and slowly sank down to one knee, pulling out the open ring he once lent her for a dance, and was now presenting it to her as a promise of a future together if she accepted. "Sophie," he choked out her name, and tears spilled out of his eyes as he smiled, watching her gasp with joy, "please, do me the honor of being the woman I give the rest of my life to; do me the honor of becoming my wife and queen."

Sophie was left speechless and she could only nod, kissing him as he slipped the ring on her finger. Fitz was overjoyed, feeling the world fall into place as he held his fiancee in his arms, knowing that every moment from there on out would could smoothly, because with Sophie as his queen, they'd make the best out of the worst moments, and the best moments would be worth more than all the riches of the world. Together, they would be unstoppable, and their future would be undoubtedly bright.

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