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Remember with that surprise I promised if I didn't update twice last week?

Well, FitzroyVacker and I decided to not only start writing The Return of Time again, but to rewrite it!

We originally started writing it two years ago on TealEyedVackers but we don't remember the password anymore! 😅

So, we created a new account!

Please follow @thereturnoftime and read our fan fiction, The Return of Time. We'll do our best to update every other week, starting this week with the prologue, and we're excited to see where this goes!

Don't remember what The Return of Time is about? Here's a jacket summary:

It's been twelve years since the war against the Neverseen was won and Sophie's mind mysteriously broke, shocking the entire Elvin world, especially as they began to witness Fitz waste away as he tries to take care of her. They live together in a house on a secluded beach, lifelessly waiting for Biana and her father to find the one person who may be able to save Sophie: Project Flaredon, the sequel to Project Moonlark. There's only one problem: Project Flaredon's location has been unknown for almost fourteen years after the memory cache it was held in broke, and the only tangible evidence of it ever existing being heavily redacted files that don't even disclose the child's name, age, or gender.

Tirelessly, Biana has been searching for Project Flaredon for the past twelve years as she's worked to build her fashion empire, and she's finally had a breakthrough. In a world where it is as though time has stopped, how will Biana manage to raise a teenager with a rocky past, deal with an aggressively obsessive ex-boyfriend, continue to grow her business under the threat of the Neverseen's return, and find a way to save one of her best friends?

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