6: An Adventure in Moonlight

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Sophie was folding Biana's laundry for her when there was a knock at the door, "Coming!" she called. When she opened the door, she saw that it was Fitz and she couldn't help but smile, "Hello, Fitz. I'm afraid that Biana isn't here right now. She and Tam are off somewhere, no doubt canoodling."

He raised his eyebrows in amusement, "Canoodling? How scandalous!"

"Well they are in fact...oh...I don't know...married!"

"And she's still in fact my little sister!" Fitz laughed, "No canoodling under my roof!"

"If I recall, it isn't your roof, now is it?"

Fitz gasped in mock offense, "You dare question me? I am the crowned prince!"

"And aren't I Sophie Diznee?"

He tapped his finger to his chin playfully, "Hmmm...well you make a point. I'm afraid we have come to a draw."

"Oh my, whatever shall we do?"

He thought for a moment before he had an idea, "Have you ever been to Moonglade?"

She shook her head, "I haven't left the palace unless we were going back to the Diznee's hometown since I was thirteen years old."

"Well, then we better change that! I have a meeting in about five minutes that should be done by dinner. How close are you to finishing the laundry?"

"I shall finish by dinner as well."

"Excellent! I would stay and help you but I have this meeting I better get to so my father's advisor, Quinlin, doesn't strangle me!" Fitz laughed, "I'll meet you here after dinner, and make sure to wear the cloak I gave you, it's quite chilly outside."

"Hold on, I haven't said yes yet," she replied coolly.

Fitz stiffened awkwardly, "Oh-oh yes. You are quite right." He cleared his throat, his swagger clearly disrupted, "So...uh...is it a yes?"

"What do you think?" she raised an eyebrow with a smile.

"Uh..." he rubbed his arm, "yes?"


Just as Sophie was finishing the laundry, there was a knock at the door again, "Coming!"

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Just as Sophie was finishing the laundry, there was a knock at the door again, "Coming!"

This time, when she opened the door, she found Keefe on the other side, leaning against the frame with a smile, "Hey, Foster, ready to go to dinner?"

"It's Diznee here," she corrected, "and don't you go to dinner with the royal family?"

"Yes, that is true, but today I'm coming with you. My father is going to dinner with the Vackers tonight, probably to try to sneak a plan for how to clear my mother's name and I would have a much better evening with you and a bunch of screaming children.:

"That's really saying something."

"Indeed. It appears my family comes from a long line of poor parenting."

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