Under The Valleys, Over The Willow Trees

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Audio to the classic Evertalian lullaby Dex sings to Phillip.

This is NOT a hyperlink! Wattpad doesn't let you have those. It also doesn't let you insert videos from obscure YouTube accounts like mine. Rip. I was gonna make it ALL NICE AND EASY for you mobile users because you, unlike PC users, can't copy and paste the address, but SOME APP (cough, wattpad) won't let me directly put in the video.

You've got some options.
1. Search: SAS - "Under the Valleys, Over The Willow Trees" on YouTube.
2. Search "Florence Maude James" (my user) on YouTube and it might come up.
3. Painfully type out the link above
4. Login to Wattpad on your phone/device's web browser and copy the link from this chapter.

Enjoy you guys!

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