Izeiah's Pov

Watching them go in and out of their headquarters is quite a pity because they'll be dead before tomorrow's sunrise. I'm waiting, sitting on a branch of tree while wearing all black. I'm just waiting for James because he's still not here so if I kill all of the peple inside that heaquarters it'll be totally useless because the traitor isn't inside.

"Such a patience you have there." Nagulat ako dahil merong nagsalita sa likod ko. Muntik pa nga akong mahulog eh.

"Why do you say so?" I stood up and leaned against the trunk so I won't fall.

"Obviously, I've been watching you. You've been waiting for almost one hour." As always, he knows how to hide himself from me. It's quite a problem, you see.

"Can't you come down?" Tumawa ako.

"How do I know if you're not here to take me away?" Ngumisi ito.

"I'm here to join join the fun..... again." He winked at me.

"No. Go away." Tumalon ako sa baba at nagsimula ng maglakad malapit sa headquarters dahil nakita ko ang kotse ni James na dumating. Bumaba siya dito at naglakad na parang nasa red carpet ito. Umiling iling nalang ako. Such a potential, it's too sad to see it go in the wrong way.

"Izeah." He called.

"Na-uh. It's Zeah, remember?" I said while my back is facing him. I feel sad again. 😐 the air between us doesn't feel right yet I feel like I'm doing the right thing.

"You are upset." He stated. He knows. He always does. I didn't answer. I don't know what to say. I continued walking after stopping to tell him what he should call me.

"I know." I whispered. I did not bother to walk with light steps, I intended it so James would notice my presence.

Mukhang natigilan naman ito. Nasa loob kami ng headquarters niya, hindi kalayuan sa pintuan.

"Izeiah." Kumulo ang dugo ko. Hindi ko man lang namalayan, sinasakal ko na pala siya. Hindi gumalaw ang mga tao sa paligid ko dahil ang atensyon nila ay sa likod ko.

"You lied to me." Ngumisi ito.

"Alam ko." Hinawakan niya ang kamay ko.

"I didn't know our engagement would end up like this" Hinintay niya ang reaksyon ko pero kumunot lang ang noo niya ng makita niyang wala man lang ako reaksyon. Alam ko na ito, bakit pa ako magpapanggap na gulat?

"You know, I know a lot of things you think I don't know.......fiance." pagkasabing pagkasabi ko napabitaw agad ako ng merong bumaril sa likod ko at tinamaan ang braso ni James.

"Aray!" Ungol nito at napalayo palikod.

"It doesn't sound quite right." Ivan simply said as he twirl his gun around his forefinger. James quickly recovered, enduring the pain he fixed his posture and got near me again.

"What doesn't sound right? That this little Robinson is my fiance?" He bluntly said, tumaas kilay ko.

"Pinanood ko siyang lumaki, simula pagkabata, there was 9 years difference but I knew if I play my cards right, she will be my fiance. And guess what? The cards I turned in turned out to be a good move. Pero ang masama, I was destinied to play with her at itapon kung tapos na ako." Kinasa ko ang baril ko at tinutok sa baba niya.

"Alam kong nakikita niya lang ako as a friend of her sister. Her sister is more likely to be engage with me than her but younger ones are better than the olds that's why I choose her."

This is just so gross. Gusto kong masuka.

"It was fun playing with you, taking all the people you didn't finish under my wing and training them to get revenge on you." He said.

"I know. And what a sorry it's already game over." Lumapit ang mukha niya para makita ko lalo ang pangit niyang ngisi.

"No, not yet. Someone close to you is still out there trying to kill you" Nagulat ako ng napakalapit na ng mukha niya na mukha na kaming naghahalikan.


James didn't blink. His breathing stopped. He is leaning on me, and he was heavy. Really heavy.

Someone pulled me away. Ivan turned me around and rubbed my lips. He kept rubbing it until I think my lips is starting to display some kind of redness but he is still not satisfied.

"Ivan. He didn't kiss me, he's just too close." Too close that I forgot he can also start his own game. Stupid me.



James Ling of the Ling family have been found dead along with his headquarters just this morning. The Ling Family are unable to point fingers as all the evidence had been destroyed.

Tsk. Hindi updated ang mga taong to.

It's been three days since I massacred James' headquarters. It was not fun. As soon as they saw Ivan they all dropped their weapons and gave up.

Someone stood over me.

"Zeah, ikaw ba ang gumawa nito?" Sabi ni Riley at ipinakita saakin ang phone niya. Napaisip ako at tumango tango.

"Pretty much. You ask?" Tumaas kilay ko.

Napabuntong hininga nalang siya.

"So this is what happens when you chase trouble itself, huh?" Sabi nito.

"Good thing you realize that. James should feel glad I spared him some of my mercy." Sabi ko and rolled over to the side. Naramdaman kong ipinatong niya ang kamay niya sa balikat ko.

"You're too carefree. Becareful." Sabi nito. Tumango nalang ako. Atleast she cares for me.

Merong kumatok.

"Kukunin ko na." Sabi ni Riley. Binuksan niya ito.

"Uhmm, sino ka?" Bumangon ako para silipin kung sino ang nasa pintuan. Si Robin.

"Bakit ka nandito?"

"They are asking for you." Simpleng sabi niya. They've waited too long to confront me about what I've done. They always want things to go their way, and the massacre wasn't their orders.

"I'm coming." Tumayo na ako at kinuha ang jacket ko. Nauna na akong lumabas. A couple of students gathered around Robin's car. I headed  for it and before I get in, I scanned the place. He's watching somewhere, I know.

And then there I saw him, watching me as I predicted, at a place not too far from my building. We were having a staring contest until I felt Robin's hand on my shoulder kaya liningon ko siya.

"Punta na tayo." Tumango naman ako at muling liningon si Ivan.

I smiled at him.

"See you." He red my lips. He knows what's going on.

"Let's go."

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