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lmao so I said I would do a face reveal at 15k but we're at like 24k rn so I'll do it now I guess. now introducing that ugly ass author who wrote these mediocre one shots...



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hahaha I'm disgusting :))))))

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hahaha I'm disgusting :))))))

This one shot/idea was presented to me and created by @Pandalover73351 thanks so much for the help!!

"next in line please, yes, how may i help you today?" percy asks. he stands behind the black counter top near the cash register. the green of the apron he wears illuminates his eyes in a magnificent manner.

"hi can i get a caramel cappuccino, extra whip cream? with a red velvet cake pop on the side?" a girl asks. she's a pretty girl. around 5'9 in height with blonde hair that goes past her shoulders slightly. her skin is fair and seemingly flawless. she has a small button nose with bunches of freckles scattered across her cheeks. but of course percy already knows this. he knows the exact contours of her face, the shade of stormy grey that is displayed in her eyes, even the style of clothing she chooses.

he wasn't stalking her, it was the other way around actually. the girl had been coming in every day for the past month. each time she enters, percy finds himself more and more attracted to her.

"what size?" he asks.

"hmm... grande." she replies.


he also knows that. her wonderful magnificent name. it rolls off his tongue every time he says it. she has the most beautiful name for the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.

"annabeth," she lets out a small laugh," you'd think that after all the times i come here you'd've learned my name."

"well we get a lot people, can't keep track of everyone." he replies while coming up with the most bizarre way to spell her beautiful name.

"well if we got to know each other, maybe you wouldn't forget." she says with a small smile.

he graciously returns it.

"when's your break?" she asks as he puts the cake pop in a white bag.

"twenty minutes." he replied, checking his watch.

"i can wait. meet me at that table, we can talk." she suggests, pointing to a random empty table.

he nods and hands her the bag. "$16.47 please"

she gives him a twenty then walks to the table she pointed out.

opening her bag, annabeth pulls out a large blueprint and pencil. she randomly marks certain areas and draws different things in empty places. she had been drawing her dream house for the past few months. eventually when she had enough money, she was going to build it.

"annabeth?" someone calls. she picks her head up and walks to the counter where the barista is holding a cup and a bag.

she stands up and walks towards the counter to crap her purchases. during the handoff, they brush fingers causing annbeth and percy both to blush.

"hey, jason, im going on break. 'kay?" he shouts behind him. he removes his apron and hangs it up on a hook.

they walk back to the table annabeth was previously at.

"so," she starts and looks at his name tag," percy. how are you?"

"good, how about you annabeth?" he says with a smile.

"good now that you remembered my name."

"well you just told me it a few minutes ago. and for the past month."

she laughs, "yeah, i've been trying to get your attention, and today i realized nothing was going to happen unless i made it happen."

"well my break is only for thirty minutes, and i'm starving, so how about we meet for dinner tonight where we have more time?"

she smiles widely. "i'd like that. here's my number." she rips off a piece of cardboard and writes her phone number with the pencil she used for drawing her sketches.

"here. call me and tell me where to meet you."

he grasps the piece as she stands up, pushing in her chair.

she puts the blueprints and pencils in her bag. she walks out the door, waving.

annabeth looks down at her cup at how he spelled her name. with the 7000th smile that day, she sees that he spelled it exactly right. with his phone number on the side.

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