pink plastic

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Hmm I'll probably do a face reveal in the next chapter because idk if I have the time to look for a decent picture so I'll wait.

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third person:

the sun brings brilliance among the world to most. but to people like annabeth chase, the sun was just another mere part of nature the lived and thrived through the human race.

to annabeth chase, the sun was never something that mattered very much to her, she enjoyed it but it always seemed to ruin many plans she had. one in particular that crossed her mind every so often: the plan with the green eyed boy.

this was a plan that consisted of two people, and at the time, the only two that actually mattered. the plan consisted of leaving, never returning to this damned hell hole they called a city and a home.

they were going to leave somewhere far. somewhere in the world where responsibilities didn't matter. the only thing that mattered was them. the two that fit together like pieces of a perfect puzzle. a puzzle that depicted the most beautiful masterpiece you ever saw.

they called this plan: pink plastic.

why? i don't know.

but i do know, the only reason annabeth agreed with this was because she was sickeningly in love with this green eyed boy.

and for no particular reason either. he was handsome, sure, and his personality was one that people strive for, but that wasn't the reason ms. chase adored him. like i said, no particular reason, because maybe it was everything combined together. like a smoothie in a blender.

and if going through with this plan meant seeing him everyday for the rest of her life, she would have sold her soul to hades himself.

but as i said, the sun ruins plans, and they did not leave.

but they did not stay.

they changed.


now pink plastic is too real teal.

because now they have left to a new home, a home in a house.

because a house is not a home.

a home is a safe place. a place that relinquishes comfort and happiness.

that was in neither of the two's houses. so they made a home.

but not with wood and tools and bricks.

they made a home within each other.

and they had the sun to thank for that.

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