Prom night PT 1

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Okay, so let me sum it up for you on why I haven't been posting.

1. I got a concussion a few weeks ago, my sister Roxanne threw a rock at my head.

2. I've had to go through two hurricanes, Harvey and Irma. Neither as bad as I thought, but still pretty fucking bad.

3. I've been having mental breakdowns lately because I saw my biological dad for the first time in 11 years at Walmart.

So I'm sorry, but on a happier note, this story is halfway to 1000 reads... WHAT!!??

"Why do I even have to go?" Annabeth complains to her best friend.

"Because Annie, it's our last prom. We're seniors already, plus, I heard you-know-who is gonna be there." Piper says with a smile.

"OK, two things, one, don't ever call me "Annie" again, and two, stop calling Percy you-know-who, every time you say that I think of Voldemort."

Currently the two girls are sitting in Annabeth's room, Piper is shuffling through Annabeth's closet with Annabeth is sitting on the floor.

"C'mon Annie," Piper says, ignoring Annabeth's previous comment, "please... If you love me you'll go."

"You're lucky I love you."

Piper squeals and dances around the room.

"On one condition..." Annabeth says. Piper continues to dance,"Name it, nothing can ruin my mood." She says happily.

"If I have to go. You have to ask Jason to dance." Annabeth says with a sly smile.

Piper stops dead in her tracks, "You little bitch."

Annabeth starts laughing.

"You don't really mean that, right?" Piper asks.

"Oh yes I do." Annabeth says in between fits of laughter.

Piper rolls her eyes, "Well I'm assuming you don't have a dress, right?" Annabeth shakes her head.

"Well prom is in a few hours, we better get you a dress."

~~~~time skip~~~~~

After two hours of shopping, they finally found dresses.

Piper's was a mid calf electric blue with a black belt.

Annabeth's was a floor length off white dress with a lacy floral bottom half.

Annabeth's hair was straightened to perfection, with minimal makeup so she looked drop dead gorgeous.

Piper wore no makeup with her hair down and wavy from the braids. She still looked like a supermodel.

"Ready Annabae?" Piper asks, opening the car door.

"That's even worse than Annie."

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