Jealousy's a bad color

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Third person:)

Annabeth knew Percy would be bored out of his mind if she said she wanted to go to the library, because if she went, then he would want to go.

She walked down the street and turned into the library. Finally, my home outside of home, She thought to herself.

She walks in and intakes the beautiful smell of books. "Hey Maggie." She calls to the old librarian at the counter.

"Oh, Annabeth. Hello dear, I have a new book series you might like. It's call, The Infernal Devices. The prequel to that other series you read." Maggie says and hands Annabeth a book.

"Thank you." She says and walks to a table to read. She sits and starts to read, immediately falling in love. She laughed especially when Will Herondale called ducks,"blood thirsty little beasts". Mostly because Percy loved ducks.

"Hey, Annabeth." A voice behind her said. She turned around to see Will Solace standing behind her.

"Hey Will." She says as he sits beside her. "Whatcha reading." He asks. She shows him her book and he nods in appreciation.


Percy POV

I wake up and realize Annabeth isn't here. I call out her name, finding only silence.

I search around our house in case she didn't hear. I still don't find anything.

There's only one place she can be though, so I go there. The Library, The Kingdom of Boredom, The Nerd Hut.

As I get closer I see a familiar blonde, but beside her is another. This one male. Suspicious.

He puts his arm around her and she laughs. Annabeth pulls him into a hug excitedly. Is she cheating... no she can't be.... right?

I walk inside, "Annabeth, are you serious." I ask, anger creeping up.

"Oh hey Percy." She says with a smile.

"I can't believe you. Cheating." I scoff. She gives me a confused hurt look.

"What in Hades are you talking about?" She asks,"Oh, you think... it's Will, moron." She says and scoots back to reveal Nico's boyfriend.

"Then why did he have his arm around you? And why did you hug him all dramatically? I ask.

"He was telling me about him and Nico's last date. Will put his arm around him and he shadow traveled to the bathroom. The hug was because he got me a job opportunity at an amazing architecture business, I can show them designs and they'll decide if they're good enough." She says annoyed.

I awkwardly laugh, "Yeah, I knew that. Totally, just, um, seeing if you knew."

"You seriously think that..." she laughs, stands up, and walks till she's right in front of me. "I would never cheat on you, I love you Seaweed Brain." She says and kisses me.

"So you're not mad?" I ask and she laughs again.

"Oh no, I'm furious but I'll get over it. Plus, it's hilarious." She says with a smile.

"Man, jealousy is a bad color on you." Annabeth says with a laugh.

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