Prom PT 2

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Okay, I'm gonna start this off by saying what the actual fuck... I have seven hundred reads...

Mind is blown

So Let me explain to you how the next few months are gonna work:

October: 3-4 posts

November: 2-3

December: 4-5

If I don't follow the schedule, I'm sorry but I do have a lot of things to tend to, like school, volleyball, cheerleading, band, cross country, basketball, tennis, softball, pitching classes, track, photography club, art club, chess club, book club, new you can see why I might not be consistent.

And also I have to plan my god damn QUINCENERDA! The life of a fourteen year old straight A's Latina.

Anyway, on with the story...

Annabeth's POV

Piper just finished her hair and makeup. Now we are heading to the limo her dad ordered for us. At first I was quite against it, she hated attention and I'm not that fond of it either, but her dad insisted.

"Okay Annabae, you ready?"


Piper sighs, "Look, we're seniors Annabeth, this is our last chance to do anything fun. C'mon, live a little."

"I live everyday, thank you very much, but if you keep pestering me, you won't."

Piper laughs. "C'mon."


We step outside and into the limousine.

"God, this is humongous." I gape.

Piper presses a button and a small screen appears, "Oh my god, is that who I think it is?" Piper whispers to herself looking at the screen.

"Is that the scho-.... Piper McLean you did not put security cameras around the school to see what was going on without us." I say already knowing her answer.

"Of course I did."

I roll my eyes.

Piper, still looking at the screen, knocks on the small black barrier that separates us from the driver.

"12 minutes." He responds without her even asking the question.

"Thank you!" She yells back.

"I'm bored, Pip-." I start, when she silences me with her finger.

"Okay, you either get that finger away from my face, or you lose that finger." I say.

She puts it away, but points at the screen. "Is that who I think it is?"

"Percy Jackson and Jason Grace?... oh yes it is." I say.

"Dammit, I knew we should've stayed home." Piper mutters to herself.

I grit my teeth, roll my eyes, then count to ten.

"Here." The driver says, as the doers open.

As they open, I see many people staring.

Piper steps out first and a few people wolf whistle, but when I step out, everyone stares.

Some in awe, jealousy, hatred, annoyance.

Piper holds out her arm, I hook mine with hers and we walk across the sidewalk to the school together.

We enter the gym and look around, two kids are pouring what looks like vodka into the punch bowl, a few other kids are making out near the bathrooms. About five or six are sitting by the bleachers reading. I spot a few gamers trying to hide under the table so play something. But the majority of people are just standing there talking to each other.

Not one person is dancing.

"Oh hell no." Piper basically shouts. A few people turn towards her as she walks to the DJ stand. She opens up her purse and pulls out a flash drive, she sticks it into the computer and presses play.

She runs down, grabs my arm, and pulls me with her into the center of the dance floor. A song plays, a song that I oddly know the dance moves to.

We both dance together until the song ends, people stare for a while, but some jump in an dance with us.

The song ends and I look around, now almost everyone is dancing along to Piper's playlist.

I spot Percy in the crowd, and conjure up enough courage to go over there and talk to him.

And I would have, if not for th-

Cliffhanger, I know, the suck. But I needed suspense so you would keep reading.

Btw, I've had a lot of people ask why my sister threw the rock, and I'm happy to tell you the story:

My family and I were at the park right across the street from our house, and my sister and I were skipping rocks at the pond near the park. And I was like, "Dude, Roxanne, you're 19."

And she was like, "Yeah I know, I'm getting old."

And I said, "That's not the point of why I mentioned you age, I said that because you need to hurry up and move out."

And she got all mad and was like, "Well you need to hurry up and get a god damn life." Then she threw the rock she was about to skip at my face.

She was a pitcher in softball so she had a pretty good aim, it hit me in the center of my eyes. I blinked hard, then almost passed out. They called the ambulance, and luckily she didn't throw it hard enough to kill me, but hard enough to give me a concussion and temporary amnesia. So for a few days I didn't know who anyone was.

And that's the story on how my sister almost killed me.

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