Sorry Charlie

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First off... 7k.... let me let it sink in for a bit. 7,000 people have read this.... wow I'm a shit author for making all of you wait this long.

A few announcements before we start:

My cat died :((( that's one reason I haven't been uploading because I've owned Jim Jim for twelve years and it's been really hard. But then again most of you might say, chill he's a cat... HE WASNT JUST A CAT HE WAS MY BEST FRIEND!!

Next I am going to be doing a contest the rules and prizes will be in the next chapter so stay tuned.

Should I make this an all out ship kinda thing, like instead of just doing percabeth.... should I do all ships...?

Last (not really an announcement) coke or Pepsi?

"Hey Perce." Annabeth says walking into the living room of the Jackson residence wrapping her arms around Percy's neck as he watches TV.

"Hey 'Beth." He says looking up into the gray eyes of his beautiful girlfriend.

"What're ya watchin?" She asks letting go of his neck and swinging onto the seat next to him.

"It's some sort of documentary on marine life. I don't know, I just started flipping through the channels until I found something remotely interesting." He says with a shrug and tosses her the remote. "Change it if you want."

She puts on the channel guide looking for something of her liking. Hmmm. What to watch? She thinks to herself.

Then she sees it, it hits her like a bullet to the chest and she gasps loudly. "What, wHaT happe- NO! Absolutely not, under no circumstances!" Percy says as realization dawns on his face.

"Oh please please please!!!" She whines, Annabeth never whines, but this, this was Annabeth's guilty pleasure, the only thing Percy couldn't stand. High School Musical.

Annabeth knew every single word to all the songs from all three movies, and every time they would play, she would get up and dance around while practically yelling the words.

Percy, however, hated the musical with a passion. Every time the songs played and Annabeth danced he covered his ears and eyes in mock horror.

"Percy, you said I could change it to what I wanted." She said slightly sticking out her bottom lip in a pout.

He let out a sigh, "Annabeth, if you love me, you won't do it."

"Percy, I love you, but," she says clicking the button," I'm obsessed with this. Sorry Charlie."

She stands up and immediately starts singing and dancing to "Get your head in the game". And even though Percy disliked the musical, he loved seeing Annabeth happy. So he dealt with it and didn't throw a fit when she grabbed his hand trying to get him to dance with her.

In fact, he went willingly.

Sorry it was short, but you should check out my other PJO story, "Please don't ask", it would mean a lot.

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