Anniversary PT 2

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Annabeth POV

I look down at the small black screen that is a phone. Leo figured out some sort of anti monster technology so we could all use the internet.

I open an app that has consumed my life for the past few weeks: Minecraft. I mean seriously, you build houses and amazing info structures while fighting monsters. Basically my life.

I'm about to add another room in my mansion, when I hear a knock on my door. "Who is it?" I call.

"Your best friend." Says a soft sweet voice from outside.

I roll off the couch and open the door to see Piper. Her hair is wet, so maybe Percy wasn't lying.

I let her in, she walks into the kitchen and opens the fridge. "Do you have any ice cream? I'm in an ice cream mood." She says.

"I don't think so... but we can go buy some." I say with a smile.

"And this why your my best friend."
"Because I let you have ice cream?"
"Because you buy me food." She says as I laugh.

"C'mon." I say, grabbing my keys.

We drive to Walmart, and she practically flys out.

Running in, Piper knocks down 12 signs, 3 people, and 6 baskets.

"Geez, Piper, calm down!" I yell to her.

She runs to where I'm standing with a tub of ice cream called, cherry vanilla. (My personal fave, don't judge. RT) Basically maraschino cherries inside vanilla ice cream.

She pays for it, then walks back to the car.

When we get back to the house, it's 4:30 2 1/2 more hours until me and Percy go to the beach... I still can't believe he forgot our anniversary.

Piper runs inside and flops on the couch with the tub of ice cream. I sit down beside her and we watch a movie about a demigod who tries to save the world with a really smart girl.

The movie was called Moana. Great movie, Percy would love it.

After the movie ends, I look at my phone to see it's 6.

Piper looks over, her eyes widen and she curses.

"Damnit, I forgot." She says, grabbing my wrist and dragging me outside.

"Annabeth, I need you to get into the car." She tells me and I get in.

Only later I realized she used charm speak.

She drives us to a JC Penny's. "What are we doing her?" I ask.

"I completely forgot we need to go shopping for your beach date with Percy." She says, getting out of the car.

"Why, I can  just wear an old sun dress." I say.

She shudders, "I'm the daughter of Aphrodite, I may not like talking about this stuff, but sometimes you have to. Annabeth, whenever you have a chance to look amazingly stunning, not that you don't already do, because you do, you take it. So if you have a date, you are going to make every single living person either want to be you or date you." She says.

I nod, and we walk inside.

Piper pulls me into the formal section. "Well I'm guessing by your waist, stomach, and chest size, you're a 5 or 6. Soooooo..." she says, grabbing 7 dresses, each a different design and shade of green.

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