Anniversary part 1

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First of all, if this song by Ed Sheeran doesn't describe Percabeth exactly, then I don't know what does.

Annabeths POV

"PERCY!" I yell, he's still in bed, but me, being the greatest girlfriend ever, made him breakfast for our anniversary.

"Annaaabbeeeettthh, let me sleeeeppppp." He whines.

"C'mon Seaweed Brain, wake up." I whisper in his ear.

"What?" He asks, opening his eyes.

"I made you breakfast." I say with a smile.

That got his attention, "What did you make?" He asks.

"Oh, you know, just your favorite. Blue pancakes with bacon, eggs, and hash browns." I say, he shoots up and runs to our kitchen.

I laugh, as I walk in after him. He's still wearing his pajamas: a blue fish onesie with a fin on the hood and back.

He grabs a plate, then piles 4 pancakes, 3 pieces of bacon, some scrambled eggs, and 2 hash browns. "Geez Seaweed Brain, calm down." I say, grabbing a plate with one of everything on it.

I sit down next to him not the couch. Should I tell him? "So, what do you want to do today?" I ask, turning on the TV.

Nope, not now.

"Want to go to the beach later?" He asks,"We can have a picnic."

"Well sure, but what do you want to do in the mean time?" I question.

"Well I have plans with Piper to go surfing at 2, then at 4 me and Jason are going shopping for a ring. He's wants to propose to Piper." He says.

Did he forget?... No, he couldn't have. Right?

"Oh ok, well, I'll hang out out here until you're done surfing, then invite Piper over when you're with Jason." I say, with a small smile.

I'd invite Hazel over, but she's with Frank in Canada.

"Oh, you're the best, Annabeth." He says, and kisses my forehead.

His phone rings, a picture of Piper pops up, "I'll come back at seven so we can go to the beach, ok?" He says, kissing my cheek.

"Love ya, Wise girl." He says and walks out.


Percy's POV

I meet Piper at mall, she's waiting by her car. "Hey, Percy. You ready," she asks.

"Ready as I'll ever be." I say, wrapping my arm around her neck. I start to mess up her hair, "Peeerrrcccy! Stahp!" She whines.

"Awe, Piper what's wrong?" I ask, and let her go. She pushes her hair down with her hands, then lightly punches my shoulder.

"We need to hurry, we only have two hours before you and Jason go tuxedo shopping." She says, grabbing my wrist and dragging me inside.

She pulls me into a store called Steeles. "Ok so I'm thinking maybe a small wooden deck (2nd picture, pretend it's on a beach) with off white candles leading up to it. And, bear with me, some white rose petals." She talks so fast I can barely understand.

"Um, sure." I saw, not having any idea what she said. But she's the daughter of Aphrodite, I trust her to give me the perfect scene.

"Great. Did you make Annabeth believe you forgot your anniversary?" She asks, I nod. I think I did. I hope.

"Okay. So do you want the table cloth to match your eyes, or Annabeth's eyes?" She asks holding up two blankets. One sea green, the other storm cloud gray.

"Well, my tie is gonna be gray. And I was hoping you and her could find a green dress." I say.

She nods grabbing a white blanket. "What about this?" She asks.

"Perfect." I say.

"Ok, do you want anything else, or do you want to keep it simple?" She questions.

"Simple. She's not one for extravagance... but thank you Piper. Thank you so much." I say, and pull her into a hug.

"You're welcome, now remember everything I've told you. And if you forget, me and Jason will be right down the street... I wish you the best, good luck." She says.

We walk out of the mall and back to our cars. She waves me goodbye, then drives away.

Time to meet Jason for the suit.

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